Mum sparks debate after asking if her friend should have let her borrow her jacket to hide a period stain

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  • A mum has sparked debate after sharing an embarrassing incident and asking advice on what others would have done in her position.

    Taking to Mumsnet to explain the moment, which took place at the pub, the woman in question wrote: ‘Last weekend I met with my friend who i have known 19 years! In weathersspoons.’

    ‘I was wearing beige trousers and it was coming up to 10pm and getting very busy as it’s on a bar stretch pubs everywhere.’

    ‘And to my absolute horror i leaked all over myself!’ she continued. ‘I was not due until four days later so didn’t expect this at all and no bodily warning signs no cramping, any way we see sat down at this time in one of the booths, my friend was wearing a red dress with a jacket AND bought her coat.’

    ‘I quickly told friend I just leaked and my crotch was now bright red (the shame) and could I please use her jacket to just tie around my waist casually just to get home to change/wash.’

    The woman went on to detail that to her disappointment, her friend said no.

    ‘I said please, il wash it if anything gets on it and give it right back the next day! I was pretty much begging her! She refused and said no she paid to much money for it and didn’t want it ruined!’

    The original poster, under the name Forheavenssake, sought out reassurance from other users that she wasn’t ‘going insane’ for ending their long standing friendship over the incident – but other women on the thread were supportive, and suitably horrified by the ‘friends’ behaviour.

    ‘She’s no friend, she didnt help you in your hour of need,’ said one. ‘She ignored your messages. Forget her. Life is to short to waste it over fake friends!!’

    Another wrote: ‘Oh darling, you have my sympathy… poor thing! I know for certain that a real friend wouldn’t have waited until you asked for the jacket.’

    ‘A real friend would definitely not have refused to help, and a real friend would not be going around spreading rumors about you to cover up how badly she behaved.’

    One more pointed out: ‘No YANBU, it’s very rude of her to have not just lent you her coat. It’s not like you wanted to wodge it in between your legs, is it – you only wanted to hide the red by tying it round your waist! It probably wouldn’t have even got anything on it.’

    Would you have loaned your jacket to your friend in the same situation? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!