‘I looked up at my husband and said “I’ve just wet myself”‘ Nadia Sawalha opens up about incontinence

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  • Loose Women star Nadia Sawalha has opened up about her incontinence, revealing her ’embarrassment’ at the moment she wet herself in front of her husband.

    The 51-year-old panellist and mum-of-two spoke to OK! magazine about her struggle with bladder sensitivity, something which affects around 47 per cent of women in the UK.

    Nadia even admitted that her incontinence resulted in her wetting herself in front of her husband during a trip with her family.

    ‘I swang across a rope over a stream, fell into the stream. I was on all fours and howling with laughter and fully wet myself.

    ‘I looked up at my husband and said, “I’ve just wet myself” but that was the first time I said to my husband I’d wet myself.’

    Speaking about the moment she added: ‘I was a bit embarrassed at how I’d fully gushed’.

    However, the TV star, who is known for being outspoken, also admitted to feeling self conscious when talking about the issue with the other Loose Women panellists.

    She said: ‘I remember we talked about it on Loose Women, I was really surprised when Andrea said she didn’t have it.

    ‘We were all chatting about it on the show and then Andrea said, “Oh I don’t” and I felt really embarrassed about it.

    ‘Because we were all chatting about it I assumed we were all going to say we did and then Andrea didn’t actually and I was like, “oh s**t”‘.

    Nadia then went on to admit she would worry about constantly being associated with her bladder issues.

    ‘So it felt really strange, I was questioning myself before we went on air, “Will people always think about it now whenever I talk to them?” They’ll think, “Aren’t you the woman that has incontinence?”‘, she said.

    However, she did add: ‘But I think that with all the things I say on Loose Women’.

    Nadia has previously spoken about her problem with incontinence, telling the Mirror she suffered from the bladder issue since having children.

    Talking about her experiences, she said: ‘For me, the worst time was when I was running the marathon a few years ago and had a full-on gush. I just had to keep on running after wetting myself!’

    Nadia also remembered ‘there was a time I was jumping on a trampoline on Loose Women and I had an accident. Thankfully I was wearing black jeans.’

    However, Nadia, who now wears Depend Active-Fit incontinence underwear, says she has started running again and is working with Depend to help raise awareness of the issue.

    She was also full of praise for her husband Mark, who she admitted has always been incredibly supportive. Nadia explained: ‘Mark was amazing. He said: “I have been there when you gave birth to both babies at home. The power of your body to get those babies out is amazing. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. And anyway, I already knew as every time you laugh you cross your legs!”‘

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