Pregnancy yoga online: the best pre-natal classes to try online

The perfect way to spend time during quarantine...

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Expectant mums seeking some gentle, at-home exercise should consider pregnancy yoga online.

Whether you were very active before falling pregnant, or simply want to incorporate some mellow exercise into your life now that you're having a baby, yoga is a brilliant option.

Pre-natal yoga has been hailed as one safe pregnancy exercise that carries incredible health benefits for mums-to-be. With research revealing that the meditative practice reduces stress and symptoms of prenatal depression, in addition to decreased pelvic pain during the various stages of labour. It may even take your mind off any food cravings and can help reduce the symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome.

A mellow, low-intensity work-out, pre-natal yoga differs from traditional yoga with targeted moves that are more accommodating to body changes during pregnancy.

The popularity of pre-natal yoga and at-home workouts has led to a number of reputable pregnancy yoga videos and courses online which mums-to-be can sink their teeth into.

We've rounded up six of the best affordable and well-reviewed pregnancy yoga offerings to try from the comfort of your living room...

Pregnancy yoga online:

Yoga with Adrienne Adrienne is one of the internet's top yogis, with her videos on the practise some of the highest viewed on YouTube.

She shares yoga videos for a range of needs (toning, destress, etc), and has a brilliant offering for those wanting to do during pregnancy.

One particular video, with over 600,000 views, sees Adrienne and a friend demonstrating five yoga poses that are suitable and safe for all three trimesters of pregnancy. The poses include an adapted table-top position, as well as (the aptly named) child's pose, which is gentle on a pregnant body.

You'll just need a durable yoga mat, like this YogaMatters machine-washable mat. Plus a decent sized space to carry out your poses in.

View Adrienne's pre-natal playlist online

Triyoga classes

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Triyoga is a leading London yoga studio, who moved their popular pregnancy yoga classes online during the coronavirus lockdown.

Mums-to-be can still take advantage of their online classes from the comfort and safety of their own home. With their Pregnancy Open class currently taking place daily at different times (so you'll be able to find a few classes a week that suit your schedule).

The class, suitable for all yogi levels, recommends expectant mums "rest in the first trimester and come to pregnancy classes from the second trimester onward".

Once the timing is right, you'll need a comfy pair of pregnancy yoga leggings and an account with Triyoga to log in. There you can book and pay for each class - either as you go or through class passes. An individual class cost £9, with a five class pass available for £40 or 10 class pass costing £70.

View TriYoga's Pregnancy Open classes online

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If you're after something doctor-approved, the NHS have put together their own pregnancy yoga online video, which is ideal for beginners who may never have tried yoga before.

It's a 45 minute session, but is made up of gentle exercises that won't push your body too hard. The description explains that it will help you "tone, stretch and relax".

It also states that "You will need 3 pillows or cushions, a mat to lie on, and a blanket or large towel", so be sure to treat yourself to a yoga blanket before.

View the NHS's prenatal exercise video online

Tonic pregnancy yoga One of the most viewed pregnancy yoga videos on YouTube (with a whopping 4.1 million views) is a ten-minute beginner practise from Kate Appleton.

The video is one of five free pregnancy yoga online videos that she has shared on her Apple Yoga website.  And it's targeted towards beginners, so is full of stretches completed whilst sitting down, to keep the practise safe and manageable.

If you like what you see and are after more of Kate's pregnancy yoga videos, then you can sign up to her pre-natal yoga course for £10.

The course includes "three 45-minute flows (Sanctuary, Shine and Stillness), 15-minute Hypnobirthing Relaxation and special features of Pelvic Floor Play and Top Tips including remedies for common ailments during pregnancy."

A yoga pillow would make the perfect addition to both the relaxation and pelvic floor tutorials within the plan.

View Apple Yoga's pre-natal course online

Lucy Flow prenatal yoga

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Lucy, a yoga teacher specialising in pregnancy yoga, has designed an entire online pregnancy course, after years of teaching women in person.

The course consists of 10 'yoga flows' - e.g classes for all different purposes. They include an 'energizer flow', a 'bedtime flow', 'a late pregnancy flow', and a 'morning flow'.

A further five stretching videos are included in the course. As well as two birth preparation videos which incorporate the breathing techniques in yoga.

You can buy access to the course for six months, three months, or on a pay-as-you-go basis, the latter of which is £14 per month.

Those planning to follow the plan long-term should invest in a fully-supportive sports bra, like GAP's maternity low-impact sports bra.

View Lucy Flow's pregnancy yoga course online

Glo Yoga

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Glo Yoga is a popular yoga app that has a huge international following. Plus a 4.9 star rating on the Apple app store.

Amongst their hundreds of regular yoga, pilates and meditation classes is a special pre-natal yoga programme. Here you'll find yoga sequences specifically designed to suit different trimesters, abilities and moods.

"The wide range of classes will help you meet your changing physical and emotional needs, while addressing any unexpected challenges that might arise," the programme states. "From uplifting movement practices and back care, to meditations to connect with your baby, you'll find a full spectrum of support tools."

We reckon expectant mums will particularly take to their foam roller video, which promises a deep release in the hips and legs.

You can download Glo's app on your phone and smart TV. Then try a 7-day free trial to see if it suits, before signing up to a £12.78/$18 monthly membership.

View Glo Yoga pre-natal programme online


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Kat Sara is a mum and qualified Pregnancy Yoga teacher who took her practice online during the first lockdown.

She's since developed a whole course for both pre-natal and post-natal yoga. These include eight videos (plus calming audio tracks) that "focus on legs, hips and lower back, while including an entire full body stretch."

She'll also introduce mums-to-be to the basic hypnobirthing yoga breath ‘Relaxing Ribbon Breath’. Which can be used for pain management and relaxation during labour.

"I love the sequences and adaptions Kat has made to traditional yoga. I’m feeling good and confident about birth," said one testimonial. Another reviewer said that she used the moves, positions and breathing techniques Kat taught during labour, finding them "invaluable, it made such a difference to my birth experience".

You can purchase an unlimited access pass to her online Pregnancy Yoga Studio for £29. Or pay £10 extra and receive the postnatal video series too.

Those wanting to deepen and elongate their stretches in the videos should invest in yoga blocks like these REEHUT EVA yoga blocks. They'll provide additional comfort too.

View Mama2shape pregnancy yoga studio online

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