Pregnancy yoga online: the best pre-natal classes to try online

Now that we can't head to a class, this could be useful for expectant mums...
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  • If you're expecting, you may be keen to explore ways to stay active during your pregnancy.

    Whether you were very active before falling pregnant, or are looking to incorporate some gentle exercise into your life now that you’re having a baby, yoga is a brilliant option.

    Research has shown that pre-natal yoga could provide all sorts of physical and mental health benefits for expectant mums.

    The breathing and relaxation techniques that yoga teaches can help pregnant women to stay calm during the process and during labour, while the physical practise can aid your body in staying strong, flexible and healthy during your pregnancy.

    Yoga has also been proven by numerous studies to help aid better sleep, and reduce stress. For some women, it can even help with back pain caused by pregnancy.

    If you are expecting during this period of lockdown in the UK (find out how long we’ve been in lockdown in the UK here), you won’t be able to attend any classes in person – but never fear, because there are plenty of incredible pregnancy yoga classes online.

    Pregnancy yoga online

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    Yoga with Adrienne

    Adrienne is one of the internet’s top yogis, with her videos on the practise some of the highest viewed on YouTube. She shares yoga videos for a range of needs (toning, destress, etc), and has a brilliant offering for those wanting to do during pregnancy.

    One video, with over 600,000 views, sees Adrienne and a friend demonstrating five yoga poses that are suitable and safe for all three trimesters of pregnancy.

    The poses include an adapted table-top position, as well as (the aptly named) child’s pose, which is gentle on a pregnant body.

    Triyoga classes

    Triyoga is a leading London yoga studio, and during the coronavirus lockdown, they’ve moved all of their popular classes online, so people can still take part from the comfort and safety of their own home.

    The pregnancy classes are on a couple of times a week, at different times on different days.

    You’ll still need an account with Triyoga to log in, and you’ll need to pay for each class you book on to. You can buy classes in chunks – a 10 class pass which for £70, a five class pass for £40, or one class for £9.

    Book a class here.

    NHS recommended yoga

    If you’re after something doctor-approved, the NHS have put together their own pregnancy yoga online video, which is ideal for beginners who may never have tried yoga before.

    It’s a 45 minute session, but is made up of gentle exercises that won’t push your body too hard. The description explains that it will help you “tone, stretch and relax”.

    It also states that “You will need 3 pillows or cushions, a mat to lie on, and a blanket or large towel”, so make sure you have the equipment to hand before you begin.

    See the video here.

    Tonic pregnancy yoga

    One of the most viewed pregnancy yoga videos on YouTube (with a whopping 4.1 million views) is a ten-minute beginner practise from Kate Appleton, of, on the Tonic channel.

    The video is targeted towards beginners, so is full of stretches completed whilst sitting down, to keep the practise safe and manageable.

    See the video here.

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    Lucy Flow prenatal yoga

    Lucy, a yoga teacher specialising in pregnancy yoga, has designed an entire online pregnancy course, after years of teaching women in person.

    The course consists of 10 ‘yoga flows’ – e.g classes – all for different purposes. They include an ‘energizer flow’, a ‘bedtime flow’, ‘a late pregnancy flow’, and a ‘morning flow’, for example.

    Including within the course is also five stretching videos, as well as two birth preparation videos, incorporating the breathing techniques in yoga.

    You can buy access to the course for six months, three months, or on a pay-as-you-go basis, the latter of which is £14 per month.

    View the online course here.

    Will you be trying out any of these pregnancy yoga classes online?