Alan Carr is engaged to long-term partner Paul Drayton

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  • Comedian, presenter and TV personality Alan Carr is engaged to his long-term boyfriend Paul Drayton.

    The Chatty Man star revealed the details of the holiday proposal to The Sun.

    Describing the sunshine soaked setting and some of the typically romantic cliches used by fiancé Paul, Alan admitted, ‘it was my idea of hell, but of course I said yes’.

    He said, ‘He [Paul] asked me to marry him in Lombok. There were nine couples in this boutique hotel and a man playing the organ. I went to the toilet and came out to eat dessert’.

    But Alan didn’t expect what was coming his way. Nodding to one of the most classic moves in proposing, Paul had set up the old ‘ring hidden in the food’ trick – it’s shame Alan ate a little too quickly!

    Alan, 44, continued, ‘And then I was like, Oh my God, a filling’s come out, just my luck on holiday. I pull it out and it’s this ring and then the man on the organ starts singing Can You Feel The love Tonight?’

    ‘Then the chef, all the staff came out and the manager and sang Can You Feel The Love Tonight, but they didn’t know the next lyric, so they just sang, ‘Can you feel the love tonight? Can you feel the love tonight? So it was my idea of hell, but of course I said yes’.

    The lovable presenter is known for having an abundance of celebrity pals, and he has revealed one them will definitely be at the wedding, singing some of her emotional hits.

    He continued, ‘The engagement only happened last week so I don’t know exactly what we’ll do. But a big old wedding and we’ll get Adele singing Someone Like You.’

    Speaking to The Mirror about his personal life, Alan revealed it hasn’t all been plain sailing, but that he wants to ‘support’ Paul now.

    He said, ‘To be honest, it was a tough year for my Paul last year. He had a few issues with alcohol, and a lot of the time that was because I was away so much. I was out there, working hard, earning the money, and I neglected my personal life, really, so I feel a little bit to blame for that.’