Is the key to a happy marriage ‘staying hot’ for your husband? One blogger thinks so…

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  • A newly-wed blogger has hit the headlines after stating that the key to a happy marriage is to ‘stay hot’ for your husband.

    In a piece written for, Amanda Lauren, who married her husband Ethan just a few weeks ago, explains, ‘When we were married a few weeks ago in front of our families, friends and a Rabbi, I vowed to stay hot for my husband.

    ‘Before you label me anti-feminist or old-fashioned, please understand that when I look good I feel more confident in myself. Feeling good ultimately allows me to be a better, happier and more considerate partner.

    ‘I see the look on my husband’s face when I come out of the bathroom, ready for a night out, or the way he checks out my butt on the way to Pilates class. Having an attractive wife makes him happy. They say “Happy wife, happy life,” but I’m happiest when my husband is happy.

    ‘If men can’t help but be visual creatures, I need to oblige. And while I’m not sure if his friends are jealous so to say, they do acknowledge he has a hot wife,’ the 33 year old adds.

    ‘The decline of your physical appearance can also reflect your relationship. You stop caring.

    ‘I’ve always wondered why so many women let themselves go in relationships. When I was single, I spent so much time and energy trying to look pretty. While it’s now nice to know I can go to the supermarket and gym without makeup, when I accompany my husband somewhere, it’s a different story.’

    Amanda’s other tips for marital satisfaction include making her husband’s favourite cocktail for when he gets home from work (‘it’s kind of Mad Men, but it works for us’), cooking dinner on a Sunday night, and being attentive to your partner’s wants and needs (‘then they will be attentive to yours’).

    She also places particular importance on sex, saying that if her husband wasn’t turned on by her, they couldn’t have ‘that essential intimacy’.

    While she does acknowledge that when you get married and have children, your priorities may change, she says that ‘it’s not about meeting society’s standards. It’s about meeting your own’.

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