Anthea Turner breaks down during emotional interview about her divorce from Grant Bovey

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  • TV presenter Anthea Turner has opened up about the devastating moment she realised that her husband Grant Bovey was having an affair with a woman half her age.

    Appearing on Channel 5’s new show, In Therapy, the ex-Blue Peter star breaks down in tears as she tells a therapist: ‘There’s nobody to look after me. There’s nobody.’

    In the short preview clip of the show, due to air this Friday at 10pm, she continues: ‘I’m not confident that I know what I want. I’m not entirely sure that I haven’t somewhere been doing “the hands”, that I haven’t lost a bit of myself.’

    Anthea’s relationship with businessman Grant began in 1998, when they both left their previous partners to be together, and the pair eventually tied the knot two years later.

    Image: Channel 5/In Therapy

    They split in 2012, but reunited briefly again the following year, eventually ending their marriage in 2015 on the grounds of adultery.

    ‘What happened was the flag went up and I found out what was really going on and I was an emotional mess, a wreck [but] we decided not to throw it all away,’ she says of the moment she realised that Grant was being unfaithful.

    ‘My goodness me, I thought we had done absolutely everything to look at this, to put it right, hours and hours of conversations.’

    ‘Nobody tried harder to save their marriage, I know I did my best. What I didn’t realise was that Grant was doing slight of hand.’

    Earlier this year Anthea opened up about her heartbreak at being told by Grant that he may not have strayed had she been able to conceive their child.

    Already father to three children from his first marriage, he and Anthea struggled to have their own, with Anthea undergoing five unsuccessful rounds of IVF during their fifteen-year relationship.