‘Weeks later I am still seething’ Horrified bride says her wedding was ruined by best man’s proposal

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  • A bride has gained widespread support across social media after sharing her anger that her husband’s best man proposed at her wedding.

    Writing to Dear Prudence, the advice column on Slate Magazine, the anonymous woman explains that during the ceremony, ‘John’ halted proceedings to propose to his own long-term girlfriend, ‘Jane’, and announce her pregnancy.

    ‘I couldn’t even hear the vows my husband wrote or the rest of the ceremony over the noise of Jane’s happy sobs, her very surprised family who were also guests, and people seated nearby congratulating her,’ she says.

    ‘Even the videographer cut to her frequently during the ceremony, and you can’t hear anything over the chatter.’

    The bride explains that she and her husband had put off marrying until they were in a stable enough position to have ‘a huge blowout wedding to celebrate [their] lives with everyone [they] know and love.’ Having already bought a house, a dog, and raised a child together, this wedding had been years in the making, she says.

    She continues: ‘I’ve never been an attention hog, and I wouldn’t even have minded if he’d proposed after the ceremony, but weeks later I am still seething. My husband has joked that he’ll resume his friendship when John and Jane give him a $40,000 check for their half of the wedding.’

    To add insult to injury, ‘John’ used his best man’s speech to talk about he and ‘Jane’s’ future together, with ‘nary mention’ of the newlyweds.

    In her response, agony aunt Mallory Ortberg said: ‘He’s your husband’s best friend, so your husband should tell John just how upset his behavior during your wedding made him.’

    ‘Maybe John will apologize and the two of them can have a meaningful reconciliation and build a better friendship as a result. Maybe John will double down and dismiss your husband’s feelings, and things will naturally fall apart between them.’

    However, social media wasn’t quite so forgiving – as the story went viral on sites such as Reddit, many took to the comments to argue that the act warrants terminating the friendship all together.

    ‘I would not have the patience for that. I would have had the other groomsmen or security escort them out,’ wrote one bemused Reddit user. ‘Plus WTF is with the videographer cutting to the guy’s new fiancee instead of the couple who paid for video services during their vows?!’

    ‘Wow. I can’t even believe he had the balls to do that. That would likely be a friendship ending move if someone close to us did that at our wedding,’ said another.

    What do you think? Would you be angry if someone popped the question at your wedding? Let us know in the comments section below!

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