Bride threatens to uninvite guests from wedding after not receiving money at her engagement party

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  • We’ve all had that moment when we receive a present that we’re not particularly happy with.

    So we just have to smile it off, say we love it and then head straight down to the shop with the gift receipt in hand.

    But one bride made no effort to hide her disappointment at the gifts her guests brought to her engagement party, going as far as to threaten them with a lack of invitation to the actual big day.

    The anonymous bride took to social media site Reddit to rant about the presents that she received at her engagement party, saying that she was disappointed as she had specifically asked for money.

    ‘I am hurt, bewildered, angry and irritated,’ started the irate bride-to-be.

    ‘So, I have been planning my wedding for about three months so far,’ she explained. ‘My fiancé and I planned an engagement-celebration and I specified on the invitation that we were requesting cash only in lieu of gifts.

    ‘We have a mountain of debt and would like to start our marriage with a fresh slate and figured this would be a great opportunity to do so,’ she continued.

    ‘Well, the party was last night and not one person brought us cash,’ ranted the furious bride.

    ‘They all brought small gifts that serve no purpose to us and it was hard for me to mask my irritation.

    ‘We invited upwards of thirty people, most of which showed up and all we got out of it were some household items that we already have. I still tried my best to enjoy the party, but by 9pm I was over it and went to bed.’

    The disappointed bride went on to explain how she then sent out a mass text to her guests, asking them about how the ‘miscommunication’ happened with regard to the couple’s ‘gift requests’.

    ‘I didn’t get many responses, but the responses I did get were pretty rude-which was shocking to me,’ she fumed.

    ‘I have been dreaming of my wedding day my entire life and you would think friends and loved-ones would want to help in making it perfect.’

    She then asked followers of the thread whether she should uninvite the guests who responded rudely or ‘give them another chance’ as the betrothed couple will be ‘requesting cash’ for the wedding day as well.

    Unsurprisingly, Reddit users slammed the fussy bride, calling her ‘entitled’, ‘ungrateful’ and ‘rude’ and telling her to ‘be an adult and pay off your own debt’.

    Many commented that she owed her friends an apology and said that the bride’s ‘focus on getting money is completely overshadowing the point of a wedding.’

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