Bride-to-be accidentally receives shocking email from her wedding planner

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  • Bride-to-be Bekkie Barker posted a screenshot of the shocking email she received from her wedding planner on Facebook, which calls her parents ‘socially retarded’.

    Bekkie shared her experience as a warning to other future brides so that they don’t receive the same treatment.

    She explained: ‘After choosing a venue we loved for our wedding, we decided we wanted to put a deposit down to secure the date. The venue was beautiful and the owners prided themselves on customer service, which we witnessed when we expressed our concerns of them not yet having permissions to hold weddings at the venue.

    ‘They offered to reduce the deposit and give us a 6 month period to cancel, which we were very happy with and proceeded to book. My mum visited on the open day and was greeted with a drink on arrival (which my stepdad didn’t have due to him driving).’

    Bekkie Barker


    Bekkie then details how her future in-laws visited the venue and paid the deposit. She then waited for a booking confirmation and chased the venue when she still hadn’t heard anything, four days later.

    Eventually, it transpired that the venue would not be suitable and Bekkie decided to cancel the booking.

    After a phone call, which confirmed Bekkie would be receiving her deposit back, she received an email from the weddig planner, which was intended for the caterer but accidentally landed in her inbox…

    Bekkie Barker

    A WARNING TO FUTURE BRIDES After choosing a venue we loved for our wedding, we decided we wanted to put a deposit down to secure the date. The venue was beautiful and the owners prided themselves…

    The email read: ‘The phone call was terrible, she said you didn’t have time for them…Her parents are the couple at the end of my video the other day…laughing and drinking their fourth round of free drinks!

    ‘It destroys your faith in human nature! I think there must be a message hidden in my website that says only the socially retarded may visit! Or perhaps its cos they’re from Hull.’

    At the end of the Facebook post Bekkie wrote: ‘To date, I have not received an apology.’

    Since Bekkie shared the post on Friday several publications have reported on the story but the issue still doesn’t appears to have been resolved.

    The wedding planners issued an apology on Facebook, but their page has since been deleted.

    Melissa Willis

    Melissa Willis added a new photo.

    The post, shared by a friend of the bride, explains that the email was accidentally sent to Bekkie and was not from the wedding planner but from a temporary member of staff.

    In the comments section of Bekkie’s post she confirmed that she has received her refund but she is still very unhappy with the service she received and is not convinced the email was an accident.

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