Coleen Rooney issues an official statement on her marriage to husband Wayne

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  • Coleen Rooney has issued an official statement on her marriage to partner Wayne, admitting that the couple have been through ‘a sh*t time’ recently.

    Taking to her official Facebook page, Coleen, 31, told her fans that she wanted to put the record straight, and explained that she had put her wedding ring back on, after being pictured without the band in recent months.

    ‘It didn’t feel right wearing my ring, I see it as a sign of commitment and I was unsure what was happening,’ she wrote, adding that she takes the ring off regularly for occasions such as going to the gym, and it’s therefore not always a sign that their relationship is in trouble.

    Many stories have been published recently questioning whether the couple might have split, after Wayne, 32, was charged with drink driving, and rumours of alleged infidelities began circulating.

    However, Coleen, who is currently expecting the couple’s fourth child, defended her other half, and says that the portrayals of the footballer in the press are often unfair.

    ‘Wayne doesn’t get portrayed for the person he is in the press, he has always had a hard time. I’m not going to list his good qualities as a person as I don’t think he deserves it at this time but one thing is that he is a brilliant dad,’ she confirmed.

    ‘He’s made silly and selfish mistakes, some he’s learnt from, some obviously not. However maybe that will change?’

    ‘In life, you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. But one thing I do know is that too much alcohol on a night out is a dangerous and a lot of stupid mistakes are made and things are said under the influence. I would never trust ANYONE who has had a lot of alcohol, it changes some people drastically.’

    Coleen went on to remind her followers that the Rooneys are a real family with real problems, but they also have good times and ‘fantastic fun’ together, and this is what she wants to focus on.

    ‘It’s my decision …. do I love Wayne … yes I do. If I didn’t then I wouldn’t be trying to make it work. I know I would be fine on my own, with just me and my children, but I don’t want to live like that, I want to try and continue our marriage and live as a family, because that’s what I want to do,’ she concluded.

    ‘I’m not saying everything is fine and forgotten about, but we are as good as can be at this point, I’m not the type of person to put a show on and say we’re all loved-up… I’m just real.’

    Coleen and Wayne have been married since June 2008 and already have three sons – Kai, eight, Klay, four, and Kit, one – together.