David Hasselhoff marries long-term partner Hayley Roberts

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  • David Hasselhoff has confirmed he's married his fiancée Hayley Roberts.

    Wedding bells have rung this week for the Baywatch star, as he married his partner of seven years, Hayley.

    The news that the couple tied the knot in Italy was confirmed by David’s rep, but the actor had already spilled the beans about his big day last month.

    He told Entertainment Tonight: ‘We’re gonna get married on the 31st, you know, in Italy. My birthday is on Tuesday and then we shoot out to the UK and a few places and then we’re gonna get married, but a very small wedding with her family from Wales in Puglia, which is southern Italy.’

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    After revealing his wedding plans, the 66-year-old also said they would be spending their honeymoon in the Maldives.

    ‘And then from there we’re gonna go to the Maldives and we’ll stay underwater for about two weeks.’

    David and Hayley, 38, announced their engagement in May 2016 via Hello! magazine, five years after they met by chance in hotel in the UK while he was in the country for his judging stint on Britain’s Got Talent.

    She said of the proposal in Malibu: ‘We were both in tears. I genuinely had no idea he was going to do that. I’m still so overwhelmed.’

    David said at the time that he waited to do propose to Hayley because he was worried about the age gap.

    ‘I had a saying: “You don’t get married because you want to live with someone, you get married because you can’t live without them”‘, he said.

    ‘I felt that way. I knew that I was really unhappy without her. I waited to propose because I thought I was too old for her.’

    This is David’s third marriage, as he has previously been married actress Catherine Hickland and Pamela Bach, with whom he has two daughters- Taylor, 27, and Hayley, 25.

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