Emily MacDonagh reveals the heartbreaking reason Peter Andre told her to leave him

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  • Emily MacDonagh has opened up about the moment that husband Peter Andre told her to leave him over his struggles with anxiety.

    Doctor Emily, who shares daughter Amelia, three, and son Theo, nine months, with the Mysterious Girl singer, spoke out about the heartbreaking incident as part of her ongoing column with OK! magazine, referencing fellow celeb Ant McPartlin’s recent departure from rehab, and the impact it had subsequently had on his family.

    Addressing Ant’s admission that he’d put his wife Lisa ‘through hell’ during his battle with addiction, Emily said: ‘When someone is suffering from mental health problems, it can be easy for families to be pushed apart, even when you love someone so much, so I wasn’t surprised to hear that.’

    ‘Pete has been suffering from anxiety and he said that I should walk away from him, but I always said to him that we’re a team and we’re in it together,’ she explained.

    ‘It’s not always that straightforward, though, so it’s very important not to forget the pressure of a mental illness on family members.’

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    Peter has been candid about his experience of both social anxiety and panic attacks in the past, saying that the latter made him think that he was ‘going to die’.

    ‘“You think you’re having a heart attack,’ he told The Express during an interview in September 2016. ‘No matter how many times you’ve had it, every time you think, “This is it, I’m going to die”.’

    ‘Years ago people didn’t talk about these sorts of things and that just creates more anxiety and more fear but now I’ve been through it I want to talk about it.’

    ‘I get people on Twitter who tell me “I can’t be out of my house today, I am panicking so much” Instead of thinking, “Get over it”, like some people might, I think, “Hang on a second, I know exactly how you feel”.’

    ‘You think the world’s going to end and you are never going to feel any better. But the minute you think there is hope, you start to beat it.’