GBBO’s Nadiya Hussain: ‘My wedding day was one of the worst days of my life’

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  • Nadiya Hussain, GBBO winner and author of GoodtoKnow’s #NadiyaBakes blog, has opened up about her wedding day, saying that although she’s very happy in her relationship now, her nuptials were ‘one of the worst days’ of her life.

    The Mirror reports that during the filming of her new TV series, The Chronicles of Nadiya, the reality star visited Bangladesh to attend the wedding of a distant cousin.

    Whilst at the ceremony, the 31-year-old recalls that her own big day – an arranged marriage at the age of 19 – was not so happy.

    ‘I have to say my wedding day was one of the worst days of my life. One of the unspoken rules is as a bride you have to behave submissively and look downcast,’ she said.

    ‘I was an emotional wreck and I cried through the whole thing. I didn’t smile very much. You are literally on show and it’s something I was always really uncomfortable with.’

    ‘The bride will often keep her head down. I never really understood it. It’s bizarre a bride is unhappy on her wedding day, when really she should be happy.’

    Nadiya pictured with her husband Abdul and their three children Musa, Dawud and Maryam

    Happily, Nadiya’s relationship with husband Abdul is now a positive one – in an earlier interview with the Daily Mail, she revealed that the pair had ‘always been happy’.

    ‘Marriage isn’t easy, especially when you don’t know each other very well. We got married six months after meeting,’ she admitted.

    ‘There were definitely times when I could have said: “I’m done. I’m not enjoying this any more.” But we’ve always been very happy. We’re one of the lucky ones.’

    However, she added during the show that her children will not be following in her traditional footsteps.

    ‘I want something different for my children. I wouldn’t dream of arranging a marriage.’