Get your man to appreciate you

Do you feel like your fella just doesn't make a fuss of you or show he cares as much as he should? Make him stand to attention with our top tips!

Get your man to appreciate you

Here's how to get your man to appreciate you. Do you sometimes feel that you could be out all day and your bloke wouldn't even notice you'd gone? Do you think that he doesn't spot all the things you do for him?

You're not alone. Women up and down the country feel that they're not appreciated by their partner. But on the other hand men moan that when they do make an effort we don't notice. So what's the real problem here? And how can we avoid taking each other for granted?

One thing that scientists do know is that generally speaking, men have a natural urge to hunt, gather, provide and survive. Women have a natural urge to care, nurture and look after others.

Dating Doctor Peter Spalton says, 'Men like the excitement of the chase. When they've found a partner the chase is over so they put their energy into things like their career, sport or another interest. They don't realise that they still need to work at keeping their partner.'

If you feel unappreciated by your man it's time to take action. 'You need to think about what you can do to tempt your man back - because that's what it's really all about,' says Peter.

We've come up with 9 simple things you can do to get your man to appreciate you more

1. Do less

Do you iron his shirts, do his washing, make his dinner and more besides? Stop! The more you do, the more he'll let you do without lifting a finger. This isn't selfish or spiteful - this is just part of a man's nature.

Tell him you won't do his washing any more because you have too much to do or that you want to spend time doing something else. Once he starts doing things for himself he'll realise how much you do for him.

2. Love yourself more

Confidence is sexy. It doesn't matter what size or shape you are, men find women who love their bodies a turn-on.

This is easier said than done. If you don't feel it fake it, just for one day. Wear sexy underwear or your favourite outfit, do your nails, do something that makes you feel sexy and see what response you get.

3. Be selfish

It's easy to get into a routine where you're the one doing everything for everyone else. You end up with no time to yourself and feel resentful.

It's time to be selfish and make some time for yourself. Ask your partner to take the kids off your hands for a while so you can do whatever you want to do.

If you can make this a regular thing it's another way to encourage your man to appreciate you. He'll see you more as an individual and someone who has their own interests.

4. Play hard to get

'Men love to chase, so she needs to play a bit hard to get,' says Peter Spalton. 'Suggest dinner for two in a restaurant and flirt with him.

'But play a bit hard to get by spinning the meal out, make him stay for coffee and mints and he'll be putty in your hands by the end of the night.'

5. Build up your own self-confidence

Generally speaking, women tend to put more effort in to supporting and building the confidence of their partners, rather than themselves. This is a great skill to have but sometimes we need a little confidence boost and we don't get it from our partners.

The best foundation for self-confidence is from our own approval of ourselves rather than the approval of our partner, other men, other women or what the media says.

Taking baby steps is the way forward. Start by thinking about one thing that you're good at or that you like about yourself. Remind yourself of this every day until you really believe it.

6. Remember you're a woman

'People put up masks to protect themselves for whatever reason,' says Peter Spalton. 'Often a women (or a man) in a serious relationship will send a signal that says "I'm taken, so stay away".'

'The problem is that this can become a habit and also keep their partner away. She gets sucked into the day-to-day stuff like kids and work and doesn't have the time or inclination to be womanly and sexy.'

7. Leave him be

Men like to take action and be proactive, they show they care with actions. He works hard because he wants to provide for you and show you he loves you, not just because he loves his job.

Understand that this is one way he shows he loves you and let him know that you appreciate the way he provides for you and the family. This should lead to him showing you more respect and encourage a happier relationship.

8. Accept his compliments

If you've been together a long time and you lack confidence it becomes automatic that you brush off compliments. Your bloke may say: 'You look nice in that top' and you reply with: 'Oh it's just an old thing, it's too tight, too loose, the wrong colour, etc'.

This sort of reaction makes him feel rejected and he may think there's no point in giving you compliments.

Next time he gives you a compliment accept it, say thank you and use it as an opportunity to flirt and get what you want. Whether that's more sex or him to do some dusting!

9. Flirt and tease

Most women are very good at flirting and teasing but get out of the habit when they get into a relationship. Women have 52 flirting tricks up their sleeve, men only have 10. And women should go 3 times over the top so he starts to pay attention,' says Peter.


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