His and hers tattoos: The permanent way people are showing their love for their partner

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  • We share a lot with our other halves – childcare, the sofa, washing-up duties, the TV remote (sometimes!) – but would you go as far as to share his and hers tattoos?

    For some it’s their first, for others they’re adding to a body full of tattoos, but either way it’s adorable body art with a meaning which proves love is literally forever… well, we hope!

    If you do decide to take the inky plunge, the possibilities are endless – you can choose to go small and understated or big and bold, full colour or soft black and grey, heartfelt text or fun designs.

    According to some tattoo artists, his and hers tattoos can be a risky choice, especially when you take into consideration the potential breakup, but don’t let that put you off. It certainly didn’t change the minds of these loved-up duos when they went under the needle for for their very own couples tattoos!

    So, if you’re thinking of getting your own done with your other half, why not use their stunning, clever and downright creative his and hers tattoos as inspiration for your own designs… ?

    Go subtle but oh-so cute


    Why not be all regal about it?

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    Choose a good font 

    (One that fits your style)

    Keep it covert and go underarm with your message

    Celebrate your vows your with finger promises

    Show that they’re the day to your night


    Or just go for cute and cuddly forest animals

    A reminder and arty tattoo

    The day we say "I do"

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    It can be a creative version of a wedding ring

    Or create your very own design

    Be the ying to his yang

    ying to my yang

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    Or even the slice to his pizza

    Or the peanut butter to his jelly

    Whatever you choose, it’ll show that you love him to the moon and back

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    And what could be more meaningful than that?

    Would you ever get matching his and hers tattoos with your beloved? Let us know in the comments box below!