‘I was in love with my best friend, but he’s turned against me’

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  • I was best friends with a guy for over two years. We met when me and my boyfriend at the time were having a rough time he was also friends with my boyfriend and offered to help me out with advice.

    We were inseparable from that moment on. Over the months, we became really close and I started to like him despite being with another guy, and I eventually told him, and it turned out he felt the same.

    Over the two years, we shared many intimate moments together and our bond grew stronger, and we fell completely in love with each other.

    However, we didn’t get together because I also felt that it was impossible to leave my boyfriend. Then at the end of last year, after a serious argument I left my boyfriend and we finally got together and were so happy.

    Four months later, he came to me in tears and told me he was confused and didn’t know if he wanted this anymore. At first I told him it was OK because we had always been best friends so it would fix itself, but it didn’t.

    Since then, he has become friends again with my ex who he refused to speak to for two years and they have both started being really abusive to me. They have sent me rude and personal voice messages, compared details about me and our relationships and other horrible things.

    I don’t care about the previous boyfriend because he has a tendency to be like that, but my best friend was always the most sweet and selfless person, and I can’t understand why he all of a sudden hates me.

    At first I put it down to male bravado ’cause he seems to act up more when he’s with other people, but now I’m not so sure. I can’t bear to lose him as a friend, or as a boyfriend. Please tell me what to do.


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