‘Katie is a wonderful wife and I adore her’ Kieran Hayler breaks his silence in candid interview

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  • Katie Price’s husband Kieran Hayler has opened up about his affair with the family nanny, which the former glamour model exposed to the press last week.

    The stay-at-home dad has given a candid interview with The Sun, speaking frankly about his sex addiction and the encounters he had with the woman in question, Nikki Brown. In the past, he’s admitted to being unfaithful with two of Katie’s close friends, Jane Pountney and Chrissy Thomas.

    This is the first time Kieran has spoken out about the latest affair, which Nikki vehemently denied, branding Katie ‘vile’ and ‘jealous’.

    ‘I hate Nikki for calling Katie a liar,’ said Kieran. ‘I am not blaming Nikki for what happened between us but I’m angry she’s lying about it.’

    ‘Maybe it’s because she thinks it affects her future as a nanny, maybe she’s embarrassed. I am embarrassed sitting here talking about it, knowing that my kids will know the truth one day.’

    ‘Katie is a wonderful wife and I adore her. Every day she is still speaking to me is a milestone.’

    Kieran has previously blamed his infidelity on his sex addiction and claims that with Nikki there was no intimacy.

    ‘There weren’t even sideways glances, no secret chats. For me, as a sex addict, I”d got what I wanted, my fix. It’s like a haze comes over me, like I have a split personality. I needed to do it.’

    ‘There was no passion. She never said we shouldn’t do it, that she didn’t want to even though she knew I was a sex addict. It only ever happened in the laundry room or family bathroom. I just found the opportunities and took them.’

    ‘I don’t know what she got out of it. I don’t really know anything about her. It was a weird f***ed up situation.’

    He claims that there were five or six occasions with Nikki over the space of six months, but she’s been out of the family’s employment since early this summer. The last instance was in February this year.

    ‘I did speak to her and email afterwards just to sort out her wages and do a reference,’ he added.