Lauren Goodger confirms split from Joey Morrison

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  • Former The Only Way is Essex star Lauren Goodger has confirmed her split from Joey Morrison, after 15 months of dating.

    Rumours of the couples’ split began back in July, after The Sun reported that the couple had been rowing after Lauren had a public altercation with her ex, Mark Wright.

    In August, reports that she was ‘seriously questioning’ her relationship with Joey gained momentum – and now she has confirmed they’ve been separated for ‘a couple of months’ in a candid Instagram post.

    Sharing the short clip with her 777K followers, Lauren explained that the pair split on mutual terms and are currently not in a relationship.

    ‘There’s been a lot of speculation and claims recently about me and Joey about my weight and our relationship,’ she captioned the post. ‘We haven’t been together for a few months now and I haven’t said anything until now as I don’t have to explain my every move and should be allowed to deal with things in my own time.’

    ‘My antics out and about recently are because I am single and enjoying myself with my friends.’

    ‘I wanted to put it into my own words so it can’t get twisted and also because of all the ‘sources’ out there and people saying stuff.’

    Speaking of Joey’s time in prison and the difficulties of that specific kind of relationship, she continued: ‘Joey will be home in not too long hopefully and I will see him as we’ve been through this last year and half together and have a friendship and respect for each other.’

    ‘He’s helped me a lot just as I’ve been there for him so of course we’ll remain friends.’

    Fans of the reality star are impressed by her honesty and openness, agreeing with the sentiment that the involvement of tabloid media makes it much harder.

    ‘First of all you shouldn’t have to explain yourself but secondly, good on you for doing so,’ said one. ‘So much crap in the media. You seem a lovely woman Lauren. Enjoy life and the right guy will come along for both of us when the times right.’

    Another said: ‘Rise above it you don’t need to explain yourself 🙂 bring back aura.’

    ‘It’s got nothing to do with anyone you just live your life,’ agreed a third.