Lily Allen confirms she has officially divorced ex Sam Cooper

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  • Singer Lily Allen appeared on ITV's Loose Women and confirmed that she has divorced the father of her two children.

    The couple, who married in 2011, split in 2016 but had not officially announced that they wanted, or were going through with a divorce. Lily and Sam have two daughters together 6-year-old Ethel and 5-year-old Marnie Rose.

    Speaking on Loose Women, Lily revealed that she shares custody of the children and they have a ‘week on week off’ rota.

    She said: ‘I went through a separation and a divorce – three days, yay. We share custody of our kids. We actually share them a week on, week off. When he’s got them, I can concentrate on working in the studio. I wanted that set-up originally. It wasn’t something we discussed.’

    Lily stressed that despite their marriage not working out, she and Sam are on good terms and the set up works for the couple and their children.

    She said: ‘We’re both really friendly, our kids go to school equidistant between our houses, so it works’.

    lily allen and sam cooper
    Lily and Sam married in 2011 and have two daughters together 

    The mum-of-two didn’t go into detail about why the marriage broke down but she did reveal that much of her new album, No shame, is based on her past and, in particular, her unfaithfulness.

    Describing the music on her fourth album Lily explained: ‘It’s open to however the listener wants to interpret it really. It’s quite harrowing, and very honest a lot of the subjects matters on the record. I think some people would shy away from talking about those subject matters. So I think it’s me saying, here I am addressing it, I’m not particularly proud of the way that I’ve behaved.’

    She continued: ‘But I think the way we work through these things is talking about them and hopefully I can absolve myself of some guilt and shame as a result.’