Man proposes to girlfriend dozens of times using hilarious Speak Out game

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  • A new hilarious proposal video has gone viral, and this time, it doesn’t feature a flash mob or some other grand public gesture. This man proposes to his girlfriend while playing the game Speak Out, and his question is barely understandable!

    In the heart warming video, the man has a plastic ring between his lips, forcing his mouth wide open as part of the game.

    Speak Out involves players using this mouthpiece to trying to say common phrases, which means that although the words might be ones we use every day, nobody else can decipher them!

    Standard proposals can be nerve-wracking enough, but this man has to repeat the question ‘Will you honour me by becoming my wife’ about twenty times before his bride-to-be fully understands what he’s saying.

    First of all, she thinks he’s saying ‘The yarn is tangled in the lights’. Then, it’s ‘The corn is on the ice’ – words that would usually take less than 30 seconds takes about three minutes, as the pair try harder and harder to communicate with each other clearly .

    Admittedly, if he’d just asked ‘Will you marry me?’ instead of the lengthier sentence, his girlfriend most likely would have guessed what he was saying after one or two attempts – but where would the fun be in that?

    ‘Will you honour me, by becoming… my lice?’ the woman asks next, after finally understanding the first half of the sentence.

    By this point, the couple’s kids are brought in to help their mum out.

    ‘Will you honour me by becoming my… rice?’ she asks again.

    She gets it eventually, with some guidance from the little ones.

    Her fiance brings out the ring and removes the silly mouthpiece, and she’s in complete shock, asking him: ‘Are you sure?’

    Their son even grabs the box out of the man’s hand and presents it to his mum in excitement. After that, it’s hugs and kisses all around as she accepts the ring.

    The pair are due to get married in September 2017, and we presume they won’t be using Speak Out to help them with their vows – but if you ask us, this is one of the funniest proposal videos yet!

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