The five minute relationship hack that could save your marriage, according to an expert

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  • Every couple can go through a rough patch at some point during their relationship, but seems like a simple five minute trick could be the key to overcoming it.

    Whether it’s less time together or exhaustion from taking care of your children, feeling disconnected from your partner can easily happen without you even noticing at first.

    In a life pre little ones, fixing these relationships problems could be as easy going out on romantic dates more often, lazying around together watching TV or taking a long walk together.

    But between work and managing a house and a family, what if you don’t have enough time to dedicate to your relationship?

    Well, we bring you good news, as an expert has suggested you might be able to reignite the flame and create intimacy in a time-sensitive way – all thanks to micro-moments.

    sad couple Having micro-moments with your partner could have a positive impact on your relationship

    Speaking to Australian website Kisdpot, Belinda Williams suggested couples should try having micro-moments every day – a quick five minutes when they share a cuddle, a kiss, or any special gesture.

    ‘It’s called the micro-moment. I recommend it to all my clients in the same position’, she said.

    ‘It doesn’t have to be big chunks of time for it to be impactful to your relationship. Micro moments are really taking the smallest of opportunities to connect. I encourage couples to find the smallest opportunity to signal to each other that they care and love one another – it may be ensure a proper greeting and farewell, a quick cuddle as you pass in the hallway, holding hands as you fall asleep, saying I love you face to face, an expression of gratitude, a small gift like their favourite bread or tea.’

    The psychologist added that these moments could save your relationship as waiting for the opportunity to do grand gestures could mean if you feel disconnected for longer, which is obviously not good for the relationship.

    ‘The main principle is that if we wait for opportunities of grand gestures, it often means that this is unattainable or too long between opportunities for connection. So take what you can get. Make the most of the small moments’, she said.

    Have you ever tried having micro-moments with your partner? Would you try it? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know your thoughts!

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