Do you live in one of the 10 most adulterous towns in the UK?

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  • Ever wondered how much your environment affects your relationship prospects?

    Ok, well we can’t say it’s something we’ve much considered either. But we must admit to being a little intrigued by these latest findings! Which led us to thinking… Are you more likely to stray from your marital bed living with all the distractions of the bright lights in the big city? Or due to the complete boredom of the countryside? (Or, is it all in fact a load of rubbish?)

    Here in the GoodtoKnow office we were more than a little surprised by the results, with no major cities making the top 10 including London, Manchester and Birmingham.

    It seems all the excitement is actually going on behind closed doors in rural Buckinghamshire.

    Forget browsing the aisles of Waitrose, it seems the residents of the commuter town of High Wycombe are a little busy elsewhere.

    High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

    Taking the (somewhat dubious) crown of number one for most-extra marital affairs in the UK, High Wycombe knocks Beeston in Nottinghamshire off the top spot from 2015.

    The data is from Illicit Encounters, an app that helps people looking to cheat on their partners (yes, that is a thing that sadly exists).

    And with more than 1,000,000 members in the UK, it seems they know what they’re talking about.

    The results found that an estimated 2,119 affairs had taken place in High Wycombe, and with a population of only 120,256 it seems things are getting a little cosy.

    Warning, we didn’t say this wouldn’t make for some uncomfortable conversations over the dinner table.

    It’s not only the number one place for married couples to stray that might surprise you…

    In second place was the similarly middle-class town of Guilford in Surrey, with 1,250 affairs, and coming in third place, Aldershot in Hampshire, with 729 affairs.

    The Top 10 towns in the UK for affairs

    1. High Wycombe 2. Guildford 3. Aldershot 4. Beeston 5. Cumbernauld 6. Maidenhead 7. Runcorn 8. Ashford 9. Taunton 10. Newcastle-under-Lyme

    In more positive news, the most faithful town in the UK is (surprisingly if you’re a fan of The Only Way Is Essex), Brentwood in Essex.

    What do you think – does any of this ring true, or a load of old rubbish? Comment below!