‘My mum loves my bad boy’

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  • I’ve been in a long-term relationship with my boyfriend for almost four years now. We met in a bar one night when I was celebrating my birthday with my mum. She knew him from years ago and said he was a really great guy and so she introduced us. We hit it off brilliantly, we had loads in common and he made me laugh all the time. Four years later we have beautiful twin girls, and have a decent flat. The only problem is he’s got a reputation of being a bit of a bad boy.

    Before we got together he went to prison for starting a fire in his best mate’s shop (who totally betrayed him by flirting with his sister and stuff), but he told me it was in the past and I never judge people on what they have done in the past. We all have regrets right? Anyway last year he had some terrible news, his great grandfather died in a motorbike crash and two weeks later his private animal executing business got shut down by the RSPCA. He hasn’t been the same since and six months ago he turned to drugs and started using crack.

    He became violent with me and our home life suffered. I feared for the safety of myself and my children so moved back in with my mum and told her everything. Then she told me that she had not been completely honest about how she knew my boyfriend. She admitted to dating him for two years when I was too young to remember. She then broke down in tears and told me she miscarried his child 13 years ago. Upon hearing the news he beat her and eventually ran out on her.

    She confessed to still having feelings for him and I told her that I still love him too – but how can I go back to him in such circumstances? I told him that if he gave up the drugs and got a job, that I would move back in with him and re-build our family, but have I made the right decision? And what about my mum, can I trust her around him knowing she still has feelings for him? Please help!


    What do you think about Susie’s situation? Should she go back to him? Can she trust her mum? Share your advice in the comments below

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