‘No-one knows about my new man’

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  • I have a new man in my life and we get on very well, that is when we see each other!

    I am separated with 2 teenage daughters and he is currently separating from his wife, and has 3 sons all over the age of 18. My parents have no idea that I’m seeing anyone and my daughters certainly don’t at the moment as they are still getting over their dad walking out on us.

    He has a busy job, so we never have a chance to talk much during the day. We also don’t see each other in the evenings as we a long way from each other at the moment, so we agree to meet at the weekends. Unfortunately he doesn’t keep our arrangements – there’s always an excuse that he can’t meet me.

    I have tried to talk to him, tell him my feelings and tell him what I feel is going wrong in our relationship. I am 35 and he is 21 years older than me, so I thought he would know how to treat people.

    When we do have sex, it’s great – he totally satisfies me, but overall I’m just frustrated because I do love this man and just want a normal relationship with him. He knows how I feel and he says he wants the same thing, but things aren’t moving on.

    I have been honest with him and given him an ultimatum that it’s his family or me now, as I am not putting my life on hold for him any more and if I’m what he wants, then now has to be the time to make a decision.

    I don’t know what else to say or do to make him see that he is doing is destroying what we have.

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