Peter Andre reveals how grief made him 'shut out' wife Emily

'I plummeted, straight back to where I was 15 years ago. With panic attack and anxiety.'

Peter Andre has admitted that he thought his wife Emily would 'leave him' after his grief over his brother's death drove him to 'shutting her out'.

Peter appeared on This Morning to talk about how his marriage was affected after the loss of his older brother in 2012. His brother Andrew unfortunately lost his battle with kidney cancer, leaving Peter with incredible grief which induced panic attacks and anxiety.

The singer spoke on This Morning about being scared that Emily would leave him as he was unable to communicate his feelings and would 'shut the door' on her, in what should have been the 'honeymoon period' of their marriage.

He said, 'She would talk to me and I used to just shut the door and shut her out. I told her, you have two options - go and do your thing and when I'm done we can talk. Otherwise, you can stick with it.'

He continued: 'This happened in our first six months - in the honeymoon period when things are supposed to be incredible'.

But Emily didn't leave, and has stuck by his side ever since, which has completely blown the pop star away.

The dad of three expressed how grateful he was to Emily for being there for him through the difficult period, saying, 'I only hope she needs me one day because she was incredible'.

Peter's grief sent his anxiety spiralling out of control, something which he had suffered with previously but felt he had got under control years ago.

Speaking of his mental health at that time he said, 'I plummeted, straight back to where I was 15 years ago. With panic attack and anxiety. I don't want sympathy because millions of people do it every day and you do learn how to live without but the hole is still there.'

But as Peter told OK! magazine, Emily wasn't going anywhere, 'She was so matter-of-fact about staying... I knew I'd spend the rest of my life with her. If someone doesn't argue with you when you're at rock bottom and shutting them out, you can get through anything.'

Now Peter and Emily's relationship seems to be better than ever, with them marrying in a beautiful ceremony at Mamhead House in Devon last year and currently expected their second child.

Peter already shares one child with his wife Emily - their two-year-old daughter Amelia - as well as children Princess and Junior with ex-wife Katie Price.


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