16 reasons tall men make the very best partners

No ladder needed to change a lightbulb in this house...

We might only just brush 5ft tall but that doesn't mean we haven't cleverly paired outselves with a giant human husband to get the full benefits of all their evolutionary advantages.

They might have to deal with hitting their head on everything, people constantly asking 'how's the weather up there?' and looking a little odd walking down the street with us, but we'll take it all in exchange for their shelf-reaching and lightbulb changing abilities.

Whilst the likes of Tom Cruise and Daniel Radcliffe may set some people's pulses racing, we're only ever looking for love over six feet tall - just think, you don't even need to own a ladder!

These beanstalks make the best partners and we have rounded up all the reasons why everyone should be looking for love in the clouds.

1. There is no excuse for the light bulbs not to be changed

You have your very own personal human ladder.

2. You always get to be little spoon

Who doesn't want to be little spoon?

3. You can wear heels without feeling like you're towering over him

Guess we better buy some new shoes then...

4. He can reach the top shelf in the supermarket

Although convincing him to go to Tescos is an entirely different matter!

5. If he gets moved to a seat with more legroom on an aeroplane, guess who is going with him?

More legroom AND the window seat.

6. You can spot him easily in crowds

Christmas shopping has never been the same since.

7. Even when you're having a fat day they make you feel small

Who needs a diet, just get yourself a bigger husband!

8. He will always eat more than you do

I might have had a cake, but he had two...

9. They can be used as a shield against the elements when you forget your umbrella

Although sharing an umbrella is more tricky.

10. They are always looking at you from your most flattering angle

There's a reason we take selfies from above you know.

11. Trying to keep up with his walking pace is better than the gym

You have to trot everywhere you go together.

12. His clothes are always going to fit you, even when you've not been sticking to that diet

T-shirt as a dress even after two pregnancies... yes please!

13. You got to upgrade to a Super King Size bed

And pretend you were only doing it for him.

14. Don't forget trading in the bath for a jacuzzi-size pool

You're so understanding.

15. He's so high up he doesn't hear you when you curse him under your breath


16. Tall man means bigger shoes and you know what that means...

We can neither confirm nor deny...

Do you have a tall man in your life? Let us know your favourite thing about them in the comment section below!


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