Stretch marks, grey hair and lisps: Reddit users open up about what they REALLY find attractive in a partner

'When a girl's second toe is longer than the third one.'

When it comes to looking for a partner, everyone's got their own - very different - list of priorities.

Whether it's hair colour, shape or size, or personal style, there's no denying that physical attraction plays a part in finding the perfect other half.

But when the users of Reddit were asked, 'What's the weirdest thing you're attracted to?', they revealed just how truly diverse we all are in our preferences.

From stretch marks to body hair, here are some of the most interesting responses:

'Crooked teeth are so adorable!'

'Grey hair. A man with grey temples or just all out silver wonder just gets me going. I love everything about it, I want to run my fingers through it and wrap their grey chest hair around my fingers. However, white hair has no effect probably because that's just much older men.'

'When a girls second toe is longer than the third one.'

'Sensitivity in men is very attractive to me. I don't feel like I can reflate to the manly facade thing. Like you can be manly and tough as ever and I won't really turn my head but you get emotional at one of those aspca commercials and I'll be all over it.'

'There are some beer bellies I can go for. It's hard to explain what exactly qualifies a belly that I find attractive because it depends on the man too, but nonetheless it can be attractive.'

'I like my men good and hairy. Nothing is sexier than a guy sporting a lovely shag carpet.'

'On women the shorter the hair the hotter I find them.'

'Big noses. My SO has a big nose - which he does not like - I on the other hand, love it. I think he looks so manly and sexy. Definitely love my guys with big noses.'

'Shoulder freckles, something is so hot about a little patch on the top of a guys shoulders.'

'Back hair. To me it is just so MANLY! Oh, and male patterned baldness. Love.'

'Knees. Guys, you know what I'm talking about when you see a nice pair of knees.'

'Girls that spend almost every moment of their lives caked in makeup. The idea that I'm the only person who sees her bare faced feels super intimate.'

'Stretch marks, specifically on thighs or breasts but elsewhere is sometimes fine too. Just enough to be noticeable. I tend to be into curvier girls but they look great on thinner girls too. I don't know, I feel like they just punctuate what is already sexual characteristics.'

'Women with big jaws. So hot.'

'Crows feet. Which is weird, because I'm pretty young and don't really want to be with someone very much older than me. But there's something about those wrinkles by someone's eye when they smile...'

'My wife is attracted to my moles, I have quite a few throughout my body, she says it's one of the first things she noticed about me, I always thought it was kinda strange.'

'Armpits. No idea why.'

'I actually like it when a girl has a little bit of a belly. I mean, flat stomachs and toned abs are nice, but when it sticks out just a little bit, I'm more drawn to it.'

'When a guy smells of sweat. Only if it's my SO/someone I'm already attracted to, though.'


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