Cheating husband gets shocking tattoo to win back his wife’s trust – and it’s full of typos

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  • There are many ways people try to make up for a mistake.

    And when it comes to trying to win back a partner’s trust after cheating on them, there’s not much many people wouldn’t do.

    After all, it’s such a deception, and takes a lot to get your other half to trust you again.

    But one man who’d cheated on his wife took things to the extreme as he tried to win back his partner’s trust after his infidelity.

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    The cheater in question, Jose Torres, asked a tattoo artist to ink a lengthy statement across his chest and stomach declaring how he had deceived his wife and been unfaithful.

    But what Jose didn’t realise about the extravagant (and permanent) gesture that will mark him for the rest of his life, is that it is actually riddled with typos.

    The dramatic gesture reads: ‘I, Jose L. Torres am getting a tattoo voluntarily on January 2, 2019 so that I can earn my wife’s trust back for the pain and suffering I have caused in our marriage.’

    It was then followed by a hyphenated list:

    ‘I am a:

    • Liar
    • Cheater
    • Manipulator
    • Deciever
    • Whore/prostitute lover
    • Dishonest and disrespectul’

    Tattoo artist Jorge, who goes by sickcat_13 on Instagram, shared an image of his artwork on his social media page and followers were obviously quick to pick on the spelling mistakes of ‘deceiver’ and ‘disrespectful’.

    One even zeroed in on grammar mistakes, writing: ‘Clearly both of them (client & tattooist) didn’t collaborate properly on this one..past tense coz it’s been done already, it should be “I,(name),got tattooed” not “I,(name), am getting a tattoo” and you should never insert a name on I am..then pain & suffering should be plural coz I bet there were a lot of them..& yeah you guys missed the “f” for disrespectful.. I guess the seriousness of the purpose is all gone because of these grammatical blunders..too bad..’

    However, some felt for the repentant husband, with comments including: ‘He says he is genuinely sorry. Is that for anyone else to judge? Time will tell between him and his missus.

    ‘Putting this kind of stuff on social media is perhaps not the best idea coz it could be better to keep such matters private. Still, wish him and his missus the best. Relationships are very difficult at the best of times’.

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