‘He gets on my nerves and talks over everything,’ Denise Van Outen reveals she’s doing a second series of Celebrity Gogglebox with fiance Eddie Boxshall

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  • Denise Van Outen admits pet hate about watching telly with her fiance as she confirmed they've signed up for a second series of Celebrity Gogglebox.

    The blonde beauty and her fiance Eddie Boxshall, who have been dating since 2014, appeared on the series of Celebrity Gogglebox aired last July.

    Speaking to us on the red carpet at The Sun Military Awards, which honours members of the British armed forces and civilians involved with the forces, Denise revealed they’d started filming again.

    She said, ‘We’re doing another series of Gogglebox together. It’s really fun, we like doing it.’

    When asked what they like the most about doing it, her fiance Eddie, 45, added, ‘Eating food and all of the sweets.’

    And Denise continued, ‘There’s a little camera but there’s no crew, you’re just left to it. It’s exactly what we do at home anyway. His sister said you should do Gogglebox because you both don’t stop talking.’

    But Denise revealed one thing she hates about it, ‘He gets on my nerves he talks over everything.’

    On their last series, the show got them reminiscing about their own first date as the settled down to watch First Dates. “I remember when I got there I thought, it’s a blind date, I don’t know what he looks like,” she said. “So, I messaged Zoe and I said, ‘I need some indication because I don’t know what I’m looking for.’” Turning to his partner, Eddie sounded surprised as he asked: “So, you did get a photograph sent to you?” “Yeah, but literally as I got there,” she explained. “But it was just the one of you and your daughter. It was so old and I thought, cor, he’s well fit!” she exclaimed. “And then you walked in and you was all grey and that and I thought, oh, he’s quite old.’

    And one show which Denise’s name has been linked to in recent weeks is ITVs The Masked Singer, as many viewers and some of the judges believe she is the voice beneath the Fox character suit.

    But Denise has dismissed the claims. She told us, ‘I’ve had so many messages but it was filmed when I was in Australia last year.’ Are you not the Fox then? ‘Nah’ replied Denise. Eddie added, ‘She’s been with me the last six months, so she’s not crept out of the house.’

    Could Denise be covering up? We’ll just have to wait and see…

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