The odds of you getting a divorce have been revealed by a new study

Things don't look too great for UK couples...
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  • A new study has ranked the likelihood of you getting a divorce, based on the country you live in.

    The research, conducted by online casino finder, analysed 87 countries from around the world and stacked them up based on the amount of divorces within the adult population.

    The data found that the country with the highest divorce rate is Russia, with 1 in every 154 marriages ending in divorce.

    This is closely followed by Belarus and the United States, with American marriages ending in heartbreak 1 in 189 times.

    For British citizens, the stats don’t look quite as bad but our marriages are far from total success.

    The UK made it into 18th place on the list, with 1 in every 287 marriages failing.

    But for some nations, it seems that most partnerships are long lasting.

    Chile made it to the bottom of the list in 87th place by a mile, with just 1 in every 5714 marriages resulting in a split.

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    In Vietnam 1 in every 1745 marriages don’t last and in the United Arab Emirates it’s 1 in 1217.

    But with the coronavirus lockdown leaving thousands stuck indoors in close proximity to their spouses for weeks on end, the health crisis could be set to trigger a rise in break ups.

    March saw a huge spike in divorce applications in China, as the country’s couple’s came out of weeks of intense lockdown.

    Meanwhile, Australian divorce lawyer Fiona Reid has revealed that she’s already seen a rise in divorce enquiries.

    Speaking on Covid-19’s impact on romance, she said, “I haven’t in my career seen something as catastrophic as this for relationships.

    “Financial pressure is a common issue in relationships and the added issue of social isolation, when people are working from home and not able to go out to dinner or watch sport, can make cracks become more pronounced.”

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