Josie Gibson splits up with boyfriend Terry, just four months after giving birth

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  • Josie Gibson has revealed that she and her boyfriend, known only as Terry, have split. The news comes four months after the couple welcomed their first child together

    Josie Gibson and her boyfriend Terry have broken up after 19 months together. The new mother had been in high-spirits about her relationship last year, as the couple welcomed their first child together in September.

    However, red flags started to appear when she admitted that Terry had decided to sleep in a campervan rather than help her with the night feeds for their son.

    Describing her ‘worst New Year’s ever’, reality TV star Josie revealed that the couple have split after Terry’s OCD became too much and he kicked her out of his home. In an interview with New! Magazine Josie explained: ‘He’s [Terry] got OCD and just after Christmas, he went mad about too many of my shoes being in the hallway.

    ‘So I kicked off and said, “Well, we’ll go then!” and he went, “Alright!” and bagged up our stuff. So Reggie and I headed to a hotel.’

    Although Josie is disappointed her relationship with Terry has broken down, she admitted that it wasn’t surprising and things had started to go down hill following Reggie’s arrival.

    Back in October the mum-of-one revealed to OK! Magazine that Terry had started sleeping in a campervan and the couple’s lack of sleep was having a big impact on their relationship.

    She said: ‘Terry goes to work, comes to the house to visit and then goes to the garden. I hardly see him. I think men are better when they’re a little bit older. I’m hoping so anyway!’

    Josie continued: ‘I’ve realised that I’m a lot stronger than he is. It soon becomes apparent when you’re getting up every two hours to feed your child and he’s snoring his head off. Then he has the audacity to moan about lack of sleep. Having a baby does test your relationship!’

    Discussing if there is a future for the couple now Josie qdded!: ‘I’d never go back now. I need somewhere secure for me and Reg. I never wanted to be a single mother, obviously, but there are things you can’t let go.’