A study has shown that half of Brits find period sex ‘disgusting’ and would never have it

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  • Period sex is certainly divisive, but a recent study has revealed that half of Brits would never do it.

    Bodyform has revealed that one in four people describe it as ‘disgusting’, and that 44 per cent of women don’t feel sexy when they’re on their period.

    18 per cent worry that their partner would be turned off by it, so they don’t engage it in it.

    However, some of those surveyed weren’t bothered by the thought of it with 21 per cent of people saying they’d do it.

    It can also be a deal breaker for some couples, with Bodyform’s study showing that one in 10 couples have argued or broken up over their views of period sex.

    Some women felt the need to make excuses during their period, with 43 per cent saying “I’m too tired” and 20 per cent saying “I’ve got an early start in the morning”.

    A whopping 70 per cent of women wouldn’t engage in sex during their period as they find it ‘too messy’, and 45 per cent find it a ‘turn off’.

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    19 per cent said that it was ‘too painful’, or that they’d ‘worry their partner wouldn’t like it’ so they avoid it completely.

    In fact, another study revealed that nearly three quarters of women are uncomfortable during sex whether they’re on their period or not.

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    Traci Baxter from Bodyform commissioned the study, as part of an ongoing mission to break down social taboos around periods and relationships. Many people didn’t feel comfortable speaking about the topic at all.

    She said, “Sex is an important part of many relationships, and periods are a totally natural part of life. No-one should feel embarrassed or uncomfortable discussing either subject with the people they’re close to – especially their partner.

    “Whether people choose to have sex during that time or not is personal and up to them, but because of the taboo, many never even have a conversation about it.

    “We want to put a stop to the feeling that you can’t talk about period sex or menstruation and encourage people to open up and discuss these topics candidly”, she added.

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