Couples forgetting their wedding photoshoot among top wedding photo regrets, survey shows

Nearly 40 per cent of Brits prefer the smartphone images from their wedding.
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  • A new survey has revealed couples’ top wedding photo regrets.

    The research, by tech company Huawei, found 35 per cent of married Brits have regrets about how their traditional wedding photos turned out.

    And 39 per cent of married Brits said they prefer the images taken on guests’ smartphones to the professional photos.

    Nearly 30 per cent also believe their favourite wedding photo was a ‘candid’ or ‘unstaged’ shot.

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    More than a third (35 per cent) felt their wedding photos were too staged, and 13 per cent reckon it looks like none of their guests were having any fun in the snaps.

    As a result, 46 per cent of betrothed Brits wish they’d asked friends and family to take more candid shots on the day.

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    And one in three remember magical moments from their wedding which they wish had been caught on camera, which weren’t.

    Another 35 per cent of married Brits, polled via OnePoll, also admit they actually feel more comfortable having their pictures taken on a smartphone, as opposed to a professional camera.

    top wedding photo regrets

    35 per cent of Brits felt more comfortable being snapped by a smartphone on their wedding day (Credit: Getty)

    It also emerged newly married couples will pose for around an hour on their wedding day, while a tenth will smile for the camera for two hours or more.

    Justin Costello, from Huawei UK & Ireland, said: “What better way to showcase the unparalleled photography capabilities of our P30 Pro than put it to the ultimate test – a real life wedding.”

    So do have any regrets? Here are the top 15 wedding photo regrets:

    1. Not enough photos with family
    2. There weren’t enough photos taken
    3. Bad lighting
    4. Not enough photos with friends
    5. Wrong photographer
    6. Bad weather
    7. Bad backdrop (I regret the choice of church/venue)
    8. The pictures looked staged
    9. Everyone looking awkward / making awkward poses
    10. People I no longer speak to are in the photos
    11. They looked too formal
    12. I’ve got my eyes shut
    13. Everyone making funny faces
    14. No one looks like they are enjoying themselves
    15. I don’t remember the photos being taken

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