Man makes his proposal the first thing his girlfriend hears after receiving hearing implant

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  • A man surprised his girlfriend by proposing to her right after she started hearing thanks to a hearing implant.

    It was already an incredible day for Andrea Diaz, who was finally able to hear the outside world after getting a cochlear implant, but her boyfriend had something that would make it even more special planned.

    In a video that has since gone viral, Andrea’s boyfriend heartwarming moment was filmed by Andrea’s mother and starts with the exact moment she starts to hear herself. Overcome with emotion, she starts crying, saying it’s ‘weird’ and ‘noisy’.

    Her mum takes first turn is speaking to hear, telling her ‘I love you baby’, which she can hear for the first time in her life. Then the doctor asks her a few questions to make sure the device is well-adjusted to the patient.

    Then it’s her boyfriend’s turn. He asks if she can hear him, to which she replies ‘Yes, it’s funny’.

    However, he doesn’t leave at that. In what could potentially be one of the most romantic proposals of all time, Kevin Peakman made Andrea’s day even more special.

    ‘Baby, I wanted to make this one of the first things that you hear, because I love you so much and you’re my best friend, baby’ he said while going down on one knee, before popping the very important question.

    ‘I wanted to make the first you hear me asking you to marry me’ – aw!

    Visibily emotional, as you’d expect her to be, Andrea starts crying and replies with a big ‘Yes’, and says: ‘I like the ring. I can hear your voice!’

    After what was must have been an incredible mix of emotions, with both finally getting her hearing and being proposed to, Andrea says: ‘There’s so much going on! I’m very happy. It worked!’

    The video was posted on Facebook by The University of Mississippi Medical Center, who wrote: ‘After receiving a cochlear implant, patients of UMMC ENT and Communicative Sciences audiologist Dr. Vicki Gonzalez are sometimes overcome with emotions when the device is turned on and the patient can gain or regain hearing.

    ‘Andrea Diaz is one such example. She recently received an implant and became very emotional when the new device was activated, under the watchful eye of her mother and Kevin Peakman, her boyfriend. However, the day’s life-changing moments didn’t end there.’

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