Can this new study predict if your relationship will last?

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  • You may have heard the phrase ‘first comes love, then comes marriage’ but scientists in America are now saying they can accurately predict which loved-up couples should be hearing wedding bells and those who should stay away from the altar altogether, as they will fail to stand the test of time.

    The research was conducted by Brian Ogolsky from the University of Illinois in Chicago, and the scientist says that based on his study he can predict the future of your relationship.

    He argues that couples fall into four distinct groups – dramatic, partner-focused, socially involved and conflict-ridden – and that some of these will succeed, whilst others will have a tougher time.

    First you need to work out which category you and your other-half fall under:

    Dramatic couples have many ups and downs, and spend more time apart than other relationship types. These couples have less support from their families and friends.

    Partner-focused couples value the partner over everything else, though changes can occur based on how much time is spent together.

    Socially involved couples are heavily influenced by interactions with social networks, including friends and family, but experiences little variability.

    Conflict-ridden couples centre their relationship on argument. These couples have a large number of downturns, but without the steep changes of the ‘dramatic’ group.

    Unsurprisingly, the pair that is most likely to weather the storm are the partner-focused people.

    Whilst it does’t seem much of a revelation that valuing your hubby over everything else is the key to success, it’s not always easy when you have children, homes, jobs and other responsibilities to manage…

    But which of these groups is the most likely to break up? The answer may surprise you.

    Take comfort from the fact that whilst being partner-focused bodes well, those least likely to succeed aren’t, as you might expect, the conflict-ridden who bicker frequently.

    It’s the dramatic couple who should be reconsidering their futures together.

    This is because the dramatic couple experience huge fluctuation in their relationship – the biggest determining factor in going the distance.

    The study was carried out over nine months with 376 couples.

    What do you think, do you see you and your other half in this study? Let us know your thoughts below!