Bride confesses her love for the man running Waterstones’ Twitter, only to marry him three years later!

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  • When Victoria O’Brien confessed her love for the stranger composing Waterstones’ tweets, she never could have imagined that she’d one day end up marrying him…

    In a perfect twist of literary fate, Victoria fell for Jonathan’s witty comments when she started to follow the Waterstones Oxford Circus Twitter account, where Jonathan was working back in 2012. After reading some of his tweets she declared her love for him, tweeting: ‘Well I’m in love with whoever is manning the @WaterstonesTCR account. Be still my actual beating heart.’

    [twitter] [/twitter] Jonathan had many admirers after tweeting an array of funny messages for the bookshop’s account, one of which included: ‘To find out your author name, simply take your first and last names, write a book, get it published and read the name on the cover.’

    And another said: ‘BOOK FACT: If you rip out a book page, hold it up to the light and look carefully, you’ll see that you’re a monster. Stop defacing the books.’

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    However, it seems he only had eyes for one admirer when he tweeted Victoria back and they eventually met up for a date. Victoria admits that she asked him out for a dare to begin with: ‘My friends Gemma and Steve dared me to ask “the Waterstones guy” out and the pair of them flew from Canada to be at the wedding so they’re pretty pleased with themselves,’ she told the Daily Mail.

    Three and a half years after their first date, the pair married. Victoria shared the picture of the wedding on Twitter over the weekend, saying: ‘Dear reader, I married him #noreally #yeahidunnohoweither’

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    Twitter fans were overjoyed with the story – with Victoria’s tweet trending and over 30,000 people liking it. Many also couldn’t believe that this was a real story, with one saying: ‘This is a real thing that actually happened? From that tweet to meeting up to *marriage*? If true, beyond amazing!’

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    Jonathan, who has since left Waterstones and is working for Innocent Drinks, told the Independent that he knew from their first date, which was in a cocktail bar, that Victoria was the one: ‘First proper date was fantastic, immediately hit it off. Never really had anything like it.’

    The couple got married at Islington Town Hall and had the reception at a North London pub.

    We love their story and wish them a very happy marriage!