This couple’s wedding photo has gone viral – but can you spot why?

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  • Your wedding photos are supposed to catch all of the special and unique moments from the biggest day of your life.

    Everyone worries about wedding day disasters when planning their big day. From the vows and the first dance, to the cake cutting and the bouquet toss, you hope everything will go smoothly.

    But now and then there are odd mishaps that you may not want evidence of. A crying flowergirl, a spilt drink, the moment your veil fell off.

    Well one couple found a shocker among their photos that they definitely weren’t expecting.

    On first glance it looks like a classic image of one of the biggest wedding moments – the first kiss. However on closer inspection you can’t help but notice a pair of Wizard of Oz-style bridesmaid’s legs sticking out from behind the bride’s dress.

    The groom, British-American Kevin Kennedy Ryan, shared the photo on his social media pages to mark his third wedding anniversary with wife, Jess Ryan-Smith.

    The amusing image, along with its caption ‘Three years ago, I married the love of my life and my sister fell over’, caught the attention of hundreds of Internet users.

    With over 65,000 likes and 15,000 retweets the post went viral on Twitter. It even got 572 comments from bemused followers questioning what was going on in the photo.

    Ryan explained to one curious viewer that his sister, the bridesmaid in question, ‘fainted at the exact moment the judge says you may kiss the bride’, so that they didn’t notice at that exact moment as it was ‘a real split second photograph’. He follows ‘a few second later we were all over her!’

    The groom, who is originally from America but now lives in Sheffield, explained to the Press Association that ‘it was a sweltering summer’s day in Chicago, must have been 36-38 degrees’. He said that after running around without much food or water all day the heat got to the unfortunate wedding-party member and caused her to faint.

    Luckily she was up straightaway and after a glass of water and a sit down was able to continue the day without any problems and the happy couple were able to take a second shot at their first kiss.

    Talk about a bridesmaid stealing the bride’s limelight!