‘You can’t tone down a masterpiece’ Man hits back at employer who asked him to remove his make-up at work

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  • A Facebook post has gone viral after the author accused his workplace of discriminating against him by asking him to remove his make-up.

    Scott Ayton-Laplanche, who lives in Pontefract, Yorkshire, posted online after new management at his company asked him to take off his make-up at work.

    ‘Before I explain my frustrations, you need to bear in mind that… There isn’t any makeup policy at work,’ he explained. ‘Also, a lot of my female colleagues wear more makeup than I do.’

    ‘With that in mind, I’ve been working here for about 8/9months and I’ve never been reprimanded on my makeup before. Actually quite the opposite.. some mangers have supported me and complimented my makeup.’

    Scott Ayton-Laplanche

    Scott Ayton-Laplanche added a new photo.

    ‘However recently we’ve had to go under new management. Earlier on in the week I came to work as my fabulous self and was told to take off my makeup.’

    ‘I was quite shocked… After I refused, I’m getting told to tone it down? Excuse me? Tone it down? You can’t tone down a masterpiece.’

    He raises the point that the request seemed like a double standard: ‘I felt this was discriminatory? Obviously I’m not going to take off my makeup when all my other (female) colleagues are able to come to work as their fabulous selves.’

    ‘[T]his is 2017, a time of year where we celebrate Pride throughout summer and I look hella hot so deal with it! It’s wrong to blatantly discriminate for whatever reason that may be.’

    The post has been shared nearly 3,000 times and Scott has been inundated with support from other Facebook users, who applaud his initiative (as well as his skills with a contour palette).

    ‘I think you look amazing babe,’ said one woman. ‘Everyone deserves to be treated the same. If women can come in wearing make up you should be allowed to as well.’

    Scott Ayton-Laplanche


    Another said: ‘How can you tone that make up down? It’s very subtle (and absolutely fabulous might I add). Put in a formal complaint to head office and keep that beautiful head high.’

    And a third commented: ‘Wow – I wish my makeup looked this good! You have every right to continue to look as fabulous as you do.’