Beauty blogger shares inspirational make-up video after being burnt in a house fire

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  • A 20-year-old girl who suffered horrific facial burns as a child has shared an inspiring video tutorial to show the power of make-up.

    We have seen plenty of make-up transformations over the years, and the growth of the #powerofmakeup trend on Instagram, but few are as impressive as this.

    Beauty blogger Shalom Nchom has been sharing her make-up videos on her YouTube channel, where she goes by the name Shalom Blac, for three years.

    When she was only nine years old, she and her sister were involved in a devastating fire in the family food shop in Nigeria, caused by hot oil.

    As a result Shalom suffered burns to her head, face and shoulders – the heat was so great that the tips of her ears even fused to her head.

    After the fire the beauty blogger found it hard to stay confident and deal with the rude comments and stares from strangers.

    Shalom told Glamour magazine: ‘People began to stare at me, or look at me in a nasty way… one of my neighbours, we used to play together, came in my house and when he saw me ran away crying.’

    The African family later moved to Maryland, USA, after her aunt helped them secure visas so she and her baby sister could get the reconstructive surgery they much needed.

    But the move didn’t signal the end of Shalom’s bullying, she recalls; ‘I was bullied very badly in middle school. I always had a scarf and a wig on, so people wouldn’t know I was bald.’

    Then at the age of 13 Shalom discovered makeup and through watching other people’s tutorials she began to perfect her technique and later posted her own.

    ‘There are no rules to makeup. And as a burn survivor, it gives me a chance to share my passion with others that may be going through similar thingsβ€”or better yet, inspire someone to love who they see in the mirror.’

    Reminding her viewers to believe in the power of make-up but also to embrace their flaws, Shalom says; ‘Of course you cannot make it disappear.’

    We love Shalom’s body-positive attitude!