‘You NEED to sort this out’ Shopper slams H&M for their ‘crazy’ clothes sizing

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  • A shopper has slammed high street giant H&M for its ‘crazy’ sizing, after discovering that their size 16 jeans were smaller than jeans in the same size from Primark.

    While this news doesn’t come as a shock to most women who have endured ongoing shopping struggles when it comes to sizing, it’s still frustrating – and so Samantha Bell, from Manchester, took to Twitter to vent her thoughts on the issue.

    Posting an image of two pairs of jeans with a clear sizing discrepancy, she wrote: ‘Come on, @hm – you guys NEED to sort this out! H&M 16 (blue) vs Primark 16 (black). Not cool.’

    She then followed the original post up with one explaining that she ‘measured [her] hand. The @hmunitedkingdom size 16 is 14cm/5.5 inches smaller. And yes, both pairs are the same style (skinny fit) #sizing.’

    Many were quick to sympathise with Samantha, with one saying ‘that’s very disappointing’ and another calling it ‘beyond ridiculous!’

    Another insightful follower posted: ‘Body confidence issues in a nutshell. Between that & changing room mirrors from every angle, it can be soul destroying’.

    ‘I was mostly fuming that I literally couldn’t buy any jeans,’ Samantha responded. ‘Regardless of size on label, I’d have taken ANY size that I could’ve fit into!’

    Another Twitter user commented: ‘H&M are absolutely terrible for it. I’m a 6-8 and often a 12 in there. Ridiculous sizing!’, to which Samantha replied: ‘Crazy, isn’t it. I didn’t think I was too ‘fat’ for H&M but their sh***y sizing suggests otherwise.’

    Speaking to GoodtoKnow, Samantha explained that she finds that clothing is often sized differently from one high street shop to the next, but finds H&M stands out as one of the most notoriously inconsistent.

    ‘I shop at H&M fairly regularly because I actually really like their clothes – I just find it very disappointing that the sizes vary so much,’ she said, adding that it’s one of the reasons she avoids online shopping.

    ‘On the same day, I can buy clothes from [H&M] in anything from a 12 to an 18! I’m not looking for “vanity metrics” – I genuinely don’t care what size is on a label’, she says. ‘[Just] as long as it fits well and looks good.’

    To summarise, Samantha admits that ‘it would just be nice for them to bring their wildly varying sizing under control.’

    Referring to the popularity of her original tweet, Samantha said that she’s amazing how much it resonated with people.

    ‘So many people have said “yes, me too!”. There’s a lot of us who share the same frustrations!’

    This isn’t the first time H&M have come under fire for their sizing process – earlier this year, fellow shopper Ruth Clemens shared her shock when their size 16 jeans didn’t fit her size 14 body.

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