Six Years by Harlan Coben review

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  • What is Six Years about?

    Jake Fisher met the love of his life 6 years ago – the only problem was that she went and married another man. Getting on with his life, Jake managed to get over the few precious months moments he spent with Natalie – but he never forgot.

    Diving back into her world after the news of her husband’s death, Jake discovers that everything he thought he knew about the woman he loved was a lie. Just who was Natalie and where has she been hiding for the last six years?

    goodtoknow says:
    Firstly we need to make a confession, the goodtoknower who read this book is a massive Harlan Coben fan, so the review was never going to be a negative one!

    Harlan Coben has the ability to take a ordinary character and push them to the emotional and physical limit by rocking their world with a powerful event. Jake, like many of Coben’s characters, is a fairy average guy. Educated, well-mannered and a little sarcastic, we meet Jake at his place of work as a university professor – so far, so normal.

    When a blast from the past reopens hold emotional wounds (broken hearts and quests of love are also a key feature in Coben’s books), Jake’s journey from Mr Average to action man is actually rather believable. Unlike other characters, Jake doesn’t dive into situations without thinking of the consequences, and the way he consults the police and thinks out the practicalities of his actions is actually quite refreshing.

    The king of the twists, Coben is a master of keeping you on your toes. As Jake delves deeper into Natalie’s life, the revelations about the mysterious woman are expertly revealed – always leaving you one step behind and desperate to catch-up.

    Six Years will keep you gripped and enthralled – and don’t be surprised if you finish it in just a few short days.

    Rating: 9/10
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