‘I’ve just got to ride it out’ Mum Stacey Solomon opens up about her ongoing battle with anxiety

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  • Stacey Solomon has opened up about her ongoing battle with anxiety – revealing that she has finally accepted it as ‘a part of' her personality.

    The mum-of-two admitted that she finds herself worrying and in a state of panic when she is left alone with her thoughts, but has finally given up trying to fight against it.

    Speaking on Wednesday’s Loose Women, Stacey said: ‘I get anxiety from time to time and I just had a wave last night. It’s something that bubbles up inside of me and I know it’s a part of me and I’ve stopped trying to fight against it.’

    Speaking about how she copes when she feels anxious, Stacey continued: ‘I’m quite good at managing how it manifests itself and it probably gets worse at night time when I’ve more time to sit and think about it.

    ‘It’s just a part of me and instead of battling against it I have to be like, “oh hello, here you are. I’m going to ride you out because I know it’ll be over soon”.

    Stacey also revealed that her anxiety can be triggered by something as simple as her cabinet’s being unorganised.

    She added: ‘It can be sparked by really menial things for me, like my fridge cabinet not being organised. I know that sounds ridiculous but I could be thinking about that all day and then eventually it will spiral off into, “that’s not organised, my life isn’t organised, my children, what am I doing? Who am I?

    ‘It just gets worse and worse to the point where you think you can’t breathe… But I’ve just got to accept that this is a part of my personality rather than something that I’ve got to try and get rid of because I can’t.’

    For more information about anxiety, or if you, a friend or a family member need help and guidance regarding treatment and support for anxiety, visit mind.org.uk/anxiety