Stacey Solomon says she felt ‘violated’ after revealing her former partner gave her HPV

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  • Stacey Solomon has opened up about contracting HPV, after a former boyfriend didn’t tell her he was a carrier of a ‘serious’ strain of the virus.

    The X Factor star appeared on Loose Women and revealed that an ex partner was aware he was a a carrier of the STI ‘human papillomavirus’ (HPV) which can lead to cervical cancer. However, her partner didn’t tell her he was a carrier until after they’d had sex.

    Stacey revealed that she now has a smear test every six months to make sure that her cells haven’t changed.

    When the panel were discussing whether you should tell your partner your sexual history, Stacey revealed her personal experience around the issue.

    She said: ‘I think the whole issue of finding out about your partner before you engage in sex is so important, there are so many things you don’t know.

    ‘For example, when I, a period of time ago, was with somebody I really liked and we – were doing the deed.

    ‘I was actually really upset to find out that after that had happened, that person told me they had HPV and it was a serious strain which causes cervical cancer.’

    ‘I then went and had a smear and it turned out I had contracted it.’

    Talking about the whole experience, Stacey added that she only found out when her partner eventually decided to tell her he had the virus and she now has to be checked regularly.

    She said: ‘I felt very violated. Now I have to go six monthly for smears.’

    While Stacey, who is currently dating fellow presenter Joe Swash, confirmed that she always used a condom prevent something like this happening, she explained that it’s not always possible.

    ‘I did all the right things but you just can’t prepare yourself’, she added.

    However, fans have since rushed to show the singer their support, with many taking to twitter to praise Stacey for her honesty.

    One user said: ‘thanks stacey sharing something so personal. Such an important topic im sure it will help many out there’. Another added: 75% of population have hpv. @StaceySolomon is incredibly brave to be so open about it 👏🏼 #loosewomen’.