You can now buy super long water bottles for extra warmth this winter!

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  • Hot water bottles are what we all need during the chilly winter months.

    While we may have had some unseasonably high temperatures so far this autumn, the typical British winter is still well on its way.

    And with the cold weather about to hit we’re doing everything we can to prepare for it.

    Batch cooking comforting chunky soups, shopping for a warm new autumn wardrobe, reading up on how to try hygge for cosy evenings and prepping for the coughs and colds that the cold weather brings.

    Because after a scorching summer, we’re not sure we’re quite ready for the same freezing arctic conditions of last winter yet.

    But we’ve found something that will keep you toasty all the way through to Easter egg season.

    You can now buy super-long water bottles to keep you warm over the chilly months until the daffodils come out.

    The cosy 75cm-long hot water bottles are three times the length of a normal hot water bottle and are said to keep warm for six to eight hours, so will keep you snug all night long.

    Each hot water bottle takes two litres of water in order to last all night and come with soft, comfortable fleece covers to cuddle in bed.

    And the best part? They come in a range of cute characters for the kids, including Dustin the Dinosaur, Ursula the Unicorn and Zavi the Zebra.

    Get your hands on the ingenious hot water bottles from for £39.95 each.

    ‘Ergonomically designed to keep your little one warmer for longer, these hot water bottles are cleverly designed with air bubbles on the body surface to trap heat,’ writes Potwells.

    ‘The hot water bottles are vanilla scented and are made from high quality grade natural rubber. With an easy to wash fabric, these hot water bottles are the perfect solution for your little ones.’

    Looks like winter’s about to get real snug!