34 chunky soup recipes that'll fill you up

chunky soups, Mulligatawny soup with potato wedges

Chunky soup recipes make a filling and warming meal that you won't even need a blender to make, including a tasty pho soup packed with noodles and a traditional minestrone soup.

All of these chunky soup recipes will make a deliciously filling and warming meal that you won't even need a blender to make. These satisfying soup recipes are a meal in themselves, including a Vietnamese pho soup packed with noodles, an Italian minestrone soup and a chunky root vegetable soup that you can have with or without crusty bread for dipping.

Our pick of chunky soup recipes are so easy to make and use seasonal ingredients, packed with vegetables as well as beans, pasta or noodles to give that lovely chunky texture. There's no faffing with a blender or food processor and the results are that much more satisfying. Make a chunky soup for dinner and have the leftovers for lunch the next day, when you'll have a lovely lunch to look forward to.

Take a look through all of our filling chunky soup recipes...

Mulligatawny soup with potato wedges

Our favourite part of this soup has to be the tender chunks of lamb cooked in the rich passata sauce for a thick and filling soup. Serve this soup classicly with potato wedges.

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Mexican bean and sausage soup

chunky soups, Mexican bean and sausage soup

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Mexican bean and sausage soup is a fiery lunch or light dinner packed with smoked pork sausage, garlic, cannellini beans and hot chilli powder. Serve with a generous helping of warm crusty bread.

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Chicken Miso Soup

chunky soups, Chicken miso soup

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This chicken miso soup with shiitake mushrooms is so simple to make, but so good for you.

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John Torode's clam chowder

chunky soups, john torode's clam chowder

John Torode has done it again with this classic clam chowder. A rich creamy stock infused with fresh bay leaves and white wine makes it a real comfort food.

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Pho soup

chunky soups, pho soup

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Pho is a comforting Vietnamese noodle soup that is low in calories but packed with flavour. This speedy soup only takes 25 mins to make and is infused with ginger, red chillies, garlic and cloves.

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Ramen soup

chunky soups, ramen soup

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Make your own ramen soup, packed with nutritious veg including aubergine, mushroom, soya beans and radishes. There's nothing better than a chunky noodle soup; the ultimate comfort food.

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Chunky root veg soup

chunky soups, Chunky root veg soup

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This mouth-watering chunky root veg soup is gorgeous with homemade bread rolls for dipping. It's a great way to use up leftover veg in your fridge, so feel free to experiment by mixing and matching ingredients with what you have at home.

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Soya bean and pea soup

chunky soups, Soya bean and pea soup

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This healthy vegetable soup is packed with greens including soya beans, onions, rocket and peas. The base of this soup is made with soya milk and vegetable stock, which makes a delicious combo.

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Slow cooker pea and ham soup

chunky soups, Slow cooker pea and ham soup

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If you own a slow cooker, you really must try this thick and delicious pea and ham soup. This tasty little combo feeds 4 people and doesn't cost much to make either. Slow cooking this soup will make the ham extra tender.

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Chicken gumbo

chunky soups, Chicken gumbo

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This fiery chicken gumbo is made with Cajun seasoning, which is a blend of herbs and spices including chilli, cayenne and thyme. It's a thick, chunky soup that will fill you with lots of warmth and spice.

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Winter vegetable and bacon soup

chunky soups, Winter vegetable and bacon soup

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This winter vegetable and bacon soup is a hearty soup made with vegetable stock, rashers of bacon, shredded cabbage and other winter vegetables. Perfect for a warming lunch or a light dinner.

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Chicken noodle soup

chunky soups, Chicken noodle soup

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If you've never made a chicken noodle soup before, now is the time to give it a go. This warming soup is made with chicken breast, peppers and spring onions, along with vermicelli noodles.

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Spring veg soup

chunky soups, spring veg soup

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If you're looking for a low calorie and low fat soup, this spring veg broth is the ideal choice. Each portion works out at only 163 calories and 1.5g fat per serving, plus it's bursting with fresh veggies including leeks and peas.

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Japanese Broth with Udon Noodles

chunky soups, Japanese Broth with Udon Noodles

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This quick and easy broth can be ready to serve in just 20 mins. Udon noodles with mixed mushrooms and finely sliced fillet steak works wonders together.

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Chicken soup

chunky soups, Chicken soup

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Made with carrots, onion, celery and leeks, this chicken soup is more like a casserole than a soup - perfect for dinner or as a filling lunch. Serve with crusty bread for dipping, but it's filling enough without it if you'd rather not.

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Hearty root and barley soup with chicken

chunky soups, Hearty root and barley soup with chicken

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This hearty root and barley soup is a great way of using up seasonal veg and meat. Costing only £1.33 per serving, this chunky soup is delicious and low in fat too.

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Roast chicken soup

chunky soups, Roast chicken soup

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Use up your leftover Sunday roast chicken by making this delicious soup. Ready in just 45 mins, this warming dish would make the perfect lunch on a busy Monday.

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Minestrone soup

Minestrone soup

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This classic Minestrone soup can be ready and on the table in just 30 mins. This healthy soup works out at only 190 calories per serving, packed with orzo pasta, cannellini beans and gammon, which will keep you fuller for longer.

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Chicken tom yum soup

chunky soups, Chicken tom yum soup

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Looking for a soup with a difference? Let us introduce you to our new favourite, chicken tom yum soup. This fragrant Thai soup is a red chilly spiced chicken broth that would work wonders alongside a bowl of freshly prepared rice noodles.

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Sweetcorn chowder with cod

chunky soups, Sweetcorn chowder with cod

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This corn chowder is a lovely thick soup spiced with green chilli. It's great for using up store cupboard ingredients or leftovers like sweetcorn and potatoes.

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Tom Yum Seafood Soup

chunky soups, Tom Yum Seafood Soup

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This delicious tom yum seafood soup makes a difference from your average bowl of soup. Whipped up in a speedy 30 mins, this tasty soup brings ginger, lemon grass and Thai curry paste together nicely.

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Leek & potato soup