10 times we’ve actually agreed with Katie Price (hint: this outfit choice wasn’t one of them)

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  • Ok, hear us out, we know Katie can be quite the controversial character from time to time, but sometimes we can’t help but agree with Katie Price.

    Of course, there have been the times when she dressed up as a pink horse (seriously Katie, what were you thinking?) or that time she publicly announced her husband’s cheating on Twitter, but we think there has been a few times when she’s actually spoken some sense.

    From her slant on make-up to sticking up for other celebrities publicly, these are the 10 times that we’ve actually agreed with the former glamour model…

    1. When she said putting a baby in heels was a step too far

    For someone who has recently faced criticism for letting her 10-year-old daughter Princess wear make-up, it may come as a surprise to learn that Katie Price doesn’t think parents should try and glam up their children.

    Katie revealed to her Instagram fans that she had been shown a picture of a baby wearing tailor-made high heel shoes (albeit not with a real heel) and the glamour model didn’t hold back on sharing her feelings (does she ever?) saying; ‘Got shown these …. REALLY … I’ve never seen anything so vile to put on your baby … No offence to people wanting to start a business but this is too far in my opinion.’

    Well, never say never!

    2. When she said there were bigger things to worry about than make-up

    Amen sister. This might come as a surprise for many but apparently even former glamour models don’t bother with make up in their downtime, with Katie reserving her well-known dolled up image for public appearances only.

    Speaking to the Daily Mail, Katie said: ‘The older you get, the less interested in make-up you are. A smoky eye is ageing and with four (now five!) kids, the last thing on my mind is make-up. In fact, I don’t wear any. Vaseline is the only thing in my make-up bag to keep my lips moisturised.’

    We’re glad we’re not alone on that one!

    3. When she admitted that she probably shouldn’t get married again…

    Don’t get us wrong, we’ve secretly enjoyed watching the soap opera of Katie’s string of marriages, but we think it’s about time she settled down and we’re hoping it’s for good this time.

    She told the Mirror: ‘What can I say? I wish my heart didn’t rule the way I feel. If it was my head, I’d be a different person. But no more marriages. I don’t think I’ll be allowed to get married again.’

    4. When she told a journalist that they could ask her anything

    If you’re going to be famous, we think there are just some things that you’re going to have to deal with, and people asking questions is one. We love Katie’s refreshingly open attitude to being in the public eye.

    She told The Guardian: ‘I don’t mind anyone asking me any questions, I’ve got nothing to hide. I like it to be as real as it is, that’s what I call an interview. I’m not someone who’s like right, you can’t ask this, that, this, that, this, that. It’s got to be a real interview. I’ve literally got nothing to hide. You can ask any question you like.’

    5. The way she is so frank and honest about caring for Harvey

    Talking to The Guardian, Katie said she has a set of cards, which she keeps in her bag so that when she sees people staring at her disabled son, Harvey, she can simply hand them one and walk away.

    She told them: ‘The card says: “You’re obviously looking because you’re interested. This is his condition… Look up what’s wrong with him and if you want to donate to a charity that supports children like this, then do it.”‘

    We love her honest and upfront approach to her son’s challenges and the fact that she’s not afraid to challenge people’s views in a non-confrontational way.

    6. When she criticised Kim Kardashian’s naked photos

    We weren’t fans of Kim’s controversial naked photoshoot either (you know – the one where she bares all for the world to see) and although some might think that Katie doesn’t have a right to comment, given her former career as a glamour model, we can’t help but agree with her on this one.

    She told This Morning in Australia, ‘I don’t know quite why she did it and it wasn’t really an attractive pose… When I saw these pictures my reaction was like everyone else, shocked. It wasn’t just she’s got a bit of flesh out, it’s like she’s got it all out.’

    Sorry Kim, we agree with Katie on this one. Next time you want to get naked, remember our poor little peepers and save it for private times please!

    7. The times she’s put her kids first, which is actually pretty much always

    As a mum to five, we respect Katie’s parenting and the way she always puts her family first. Speaking on Australian The Morning Show, the 36 year old told how spending time with your newborn is far more important than feeling pressured to get back to your before-baby body.

    She said: ‘Every time I’ve been pregnant, I always say to myself, “That’s it, as soon as I’ve had the baby I’m gonna eat healthy, I’m gonna get fit, next summer I’m gonna have these abs…”

    ‘I say that every time, but does it happen? No. As soon as I’ve had my baby, I enjoy my time with the baby.’

    So what does she do to stay so trim?

    ‘Eat healthy and don’t stress about losing that baby weight and enjoy those moments with the baby because they do grow, and eventually when you’re ready [to think about exercising]…because you gotta let your body settle I say. It’s not gonna happen overnight. Don’t stress about it.’

    8. When she stuck up for vlogger Zoella against internet trolls

    Vlogger Zoella was subject to a torrent of criticism online when it was revealed she had help writing her book, which tells the story of Zoella’s rise to fame in YouTube.

    Katie took to Twitter and revealed her kind and maternal side to show Zoella some much-needed support. ‘Dont worry @zozeebo when others criticise u it means ur doing OK! it also makes u more determined 2 succeed. ur a good girl,keep being happy,’ (sic) she wrote.

    It’s nice to be nice, well done Katie.

    9. When she told Josie Cunningham exactly what she thought

    Josie famously said she would terminate her pregnancy if Big Brother bosses would give her a spot on the hit reality TV show, she also had a boob job on the NHS, used taxpayer-funded taxis to travel everywhere and has branded breastfeeding as ‘vile and borderline incest’. She has even compared herself to Katie in the past, much to Katie’s horror.

    Katie didn’t hold back on exactly what she though of Josie in her weekly Now magazine column.

    She wrote: ‘Josie is still comparing herself to me but we are nothing alike. Listen up, Josie: I think you’re absolutely disgusting. You may have the fame you crave but it’s for all the wrong reasons and I’m sure your family are horrified. When you’re older you’ll look back and regret this. There’s no chance of you ever being the new me – or the old me.’


    10. When she stuck up for Lily Allen against Katie Hopkins

    Anyone who stands up to Katie Hopkins gets our vote. Writing in her Now magazine column, Katie said: ‘In her usual tongue-in-cheek, but obvious veiled attack, [Hopkins] commented that Lily had “removed herself from the spotlight because she wanted to be a mother and that largely involved gaining 2st and looking pretty hideous.”‘

    She continued: ‘Mums like me, Lily, Chantelle Houghton and virtually every other woman across the country all get lumps and bumps in places after giving birth – it’s natural! And we shouldn’t be under pressure to get into shape for anyone. ‘I think it’s brilliant that Lily’s able to take a career break, introduce two lovely children to the world and then return to singing – something she enjoys and is exceptionally good at… and she looks pretty darn good if you ask me. I could easily comment on Katie’s appearance as I pull out a saggy tea bag from my mug. But she’d love the attention.’

    Well said, Katie!

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