Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner review

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  • What is Touch & Go about?

    From the outside Justin and Libby seem to have the perfect life. His multimillion pound company means they and their 15-year-old daughter can live the life of luxury. So when they are kidnapped from their home – no one can imagine who’d want to harm the family.

    Private investigator Tessa Leoni, who has a few past demons of her own, knows the pressure of finding the family alive, quickly. As the clues send them spiralling around the family’s life, they delve deeper into a life that isn’t as perfect as it might seem.

    goodtoknow says: Touch & Go pits a crime thriller firmly within the family. Told from the perspective of kidnapped mother Libby and investigator Tessa, the story comes straight from mums’ eyes, which gives it real emotional depth.

    Tessa, who has appeared in a previous book by the same author, struggles to leave her young child alone after their traumatic past. If you haven’t read the previous book, it may confuse you slightly as Tessa’s backstory is alluded to but never really explained. Despite this, Tessa’s blend of no-nonsense investigating and maternal softness make her a good character to sympathise with.

    Libby’s character on the other hand is a little harder to feel sorry for. She leads a very privileged life but is struggling with emotionally-damaged family. Despite this, you really feel for her as she tries desperately to protect her daughter – whatever the consequences.

    Being able to know the fate of the kidnapped family and the developments of the investigation at the same time is an interesting way for a thriller to play out. Despite all the information learned, you still are left wondering about the motive until the last few chapters.

    To say you could see the ending coming wouldn’t be quite true but when the final twist is revealed it’s not as shocking as it should be – leaving you feeling a little disheartened.

    Touch & Go shows a mum’s worst nightmare with real emotional impact. The book is full of tense, dramatic moments which are let down slightly with a fairly obvious ending.


    Rating: 8/10
    Publisher: Headline
    Publish date: 5th February, 2013

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