Starbucks launches a turmeric latte – but what are the benefits of turmeric?

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  • Starbucks are adding a turmeric latte to their menu – but would YOU be tempted to give on a go?

    The health benefits of turmeric, a rich yellow spice, are believed to be numerous, and that’s not the only reason that the coffee chain are launching the warming drink.

    ‘Made by steaming milk with aromatic turmeric powder and spices and poured over espresso – it brings a new twist to this much-loved drink,’ the brand details.

    ‘The golden coloured milk makes beautiful Instagram-able latte art and is one of the latest trends on the high street.’

    So not only does a turmeric latte do you good, it looks good and tastes good too – making it unsurprising that there’s over 26,000 posts on the Instagram hashtag #turmericlatte to date!

    Starbucks is introducing a turmeric latte to their menu for the first time

    Turmeric has been used in India for many years as a medicinal ingredient, and it’s thought that the compound in the substance, curcumin, can be beneficial for a number of different reasons, including its anti-inflammatory properties.

    Although more research is needed, scientists have found, for instance, it to be an effective placebo for relieving pain and swelling in arthritis patients.

    Some have even suggested that turmeric could have ‘anti-cancer’ properties, although Cancer Research UK explains on their website: ‘There is currently no research evidence to show that turmeric can prevent or treat cancer but early trials have shown some promising results.’

    Starbucks’ turmeric latte will start from £2.65 for a short, and can be made with almond or coconut milks as well as dairy. It’s arriving in 200 stores in London.

    But if you’re not in the city, or want to get your hands on a turmeric latte sooner? There are many different recipes online, but a basic version is fairly easy to make at home. Simply warm your preferred milk, add spice and sweetener to taste, and enjoy!