Victoria Derbyshire posts letter from viewer who doesn’t realise her ‘long lank hair’ is a wig after cancer battle

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  • Victoria Derbyshire shared a letter she had received from a viewer who claimed they were ‘sick’ of seeing female BBC presenters with the same haircut, despite the fact that Victoria wears a wig to cover her hair loss from cancer treatments.

    Victoria returned to work on her morning BBC show in March, after being diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2015. In January of this year, she revealed that she was wearing a wig after losing a lot of her hair due to chemotherapy.

    The letter bizarrely rants about how sick the author is of turning on the television, only to see the female presenters looking like they’ve been ‘cloned’ with their ‘long lank hair hanging over the face’, which apparently ‘does not look good on older women younger ones too.’

    The author then writes, ‘sort it out’ otherwise they ‘and others will switch off.’

    Her Twitter followers were quick to come to the presenter’s defence, with one even penning a written reply back to the original letter.

    ‘Your pain is palpable. It must be terrible to sit about in your regret-stained pyjamas watching daytime television when everyone (especially the ladies) has the same lank hair,’ wrote Marion Dowling.

    ‘What a complete pillock, I think your hair looks great!’ wrote another user.

    Victoria replied to the comments on the tweet, writing, ‘It doesn’t bother me in the slightest, really, that’s why I tweeted it.’

    The presenter documented her cancer treatment in multiple video diaries, in which she speaks about her fears of the cancer coming back, and how it has affected her family.

    Victoria started to notice her hair loss while she was getting ready for a friend’s 40th birthday party, when a clump of hair came out.

    The brave presenter finished cancer treatment in May, after undergoing a mastectomy.

    ‘It’s Wednesday 25 May and I’m done. I’m done. That was my last radiotherapy session. Just finished this second. Thirty sessions – five days a week for the last six weeks – and it’s finished. Wow, can’t believe it. Gosh,’ she said in one of her video diaries.

    ‘I am actually happy, despite these tears. And hopefully that is it for cancer treatment for ever, if all goes according to plan.’

    We hope so too, Victoria!