There's a brand new Baby Shark song and it's all about handwashing

Baby Shark song
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If you're a parent of young children, you'll definitely be familiar with Baby Shark.

And you're about to become even more familar with the shark characters, as the company behind the original Baby Shark song has released another amid the coronavirus (opens in new tab) outbreak.

The new version is all about handwashing, and even features new dance moves to help kids get involved and remember to be mindful of their hygiene.

Pinkfong! Kid's Songs and Stories created the new song, along with a music video with clear instructions for proper handwashing.

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The song is the same time it takes to sing Happy Birthday, so you can sing this one whilst you wash your hands if you'd like!

Pinkfong USA shared the full clip to their Twitter account, starting off the #BabySharkHandWashChallenge.

They wrote, 'Wash your hands with #BabyShark! Join the #BabySharkHandWashChallenge now!

'Follow the hand-washing steps with the #BabyShark tune, and keep your hands nice & clean! 

'Let's doo doo doo doo it together!'

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The lyrics teach children basic handwashing steps. They go, 'wash your hands, doo doo doo doo', then 'grab some soap', 'rub your hands', 'dry your hands'.

As well as this, they go on to explain what to do if you need to sneeze.

They add, 'Cover your sneeze, doo doo doo doo', 'cough into your elbow', and 'let's stay healthy!'.

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This challenge aims to get children all over the world involved, and people have already taken to Twitter to join in and encourage others.

Much like the original, the Baby Shark song might get stuck in your head and become irritating, but at least it's spreading an important message!

Will you and your children be taking part in the #BabySharkHandWashChallenge? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook!

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